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My definition of "FEELING" is feeling good!

No matter what, if you really FEEL the music you're listening to, you can't possibly feel pain at the same time. You can feel pain before you listen to it. You can feel pain after you're listening to it. But If you really FEEL the music, you can't feel pain while you're listening to it.

Watch Yourself

From moment to moment, if one thing can be maintained, we will watch our lives take on a very different tone. It will be a much lighter feeling than the usual serious nature. Even if you never took life too serious to begin with, you will gain an understanding as to why. This one thing to be done from moment to moment is to watch yourself.

"Watch yourself," has less to do with keeping track of how you look. It has much more to do with observing your being. Observe the way you are being. This means what you are focused on, what you are feeling, what you are thinking, who you think you are, and if you remember who you are behind it all.

This is watching of yourself will bring about a separation in who you think you are and who you know you are. You will realize that you are not the passing thoughts and feelings, but that you are what allow those thoughts and feelings to exist. You are not simply a character in the show, but the stage on which the show presents itself. You are more like the screen on which the movie plays as opposed to an actor in the movie.

There is a lot of power and freedom in recognizing the responsibility you have in putting the whole experience together. Even the way you choose to respond to it affects what comes next.

Watch yourself. It will only be a dull show if you want it to be. And you can make every moment a happier one if you choose to. The hardest part is to maintain this observant stance on your being. But it gets easier with practice.

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The Light Source Within

Light doesn't actually reach the part of your brain where vision is created and experienced. The light that you are seeing right NOW is actually coming from you. This isn't simply a deep sounding philosophy. It's science.

You are the source of the brightness in anything you see. The light is simply an external stimulus that triggers the unveiling of this eternal inner luminance. This is not hard to understand and accept when you think about how light, alone, is meaningless without eyes or some other type of receiver and an intelligence to define it. Light without an observer affected by its stimuli doesn't exist.

To illustrate further, when you imagine or visualize anything, you are literally seeing by the light of your being. When you have dreams at night, you can see with no problem despite the fact your eyes are closed. How else can you explain the source of light?

You can even picture any and all vision you have as a TV or movie screen. In any case, there is always a backlight. There's a light in the projector. There's a light behind your screen. You are that light.

We are luminous beings. You are as bright or dark as you allow yourself to be. In a sea of infinite possibilities, focus navigates.

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You Are the DJ

There's really no escaping it. You can play dumb or ignore it, but it doesn't make it any less true. There's always a vibe going on. You always FEEL one way or another. Even when you don't think you feel any particular way at all, that in itself, is feeling a certain way.

There's always a mood. There's always an atmosphere. There's always a tone, a pitch, a FEELING of what life feels like right NOW. Who sets the tone, changes the pitch, sways the mood, and fills the atmosphere? It's all YOU.

Just as the DJ of any party has the ability to either get everyone on their feet and really enjoy themselves or stink up the joint having people ready to curse him out, YOU have the ability to control the vibes you are experiencing right NOW.

The experienced DJ manages to move the crowd by first being aware of the crowd and what they might respond to. He first has to accept the crowd for who they are. Then the music he selects and plays in the arrangement he chooses is in direct response to the way the crowd feels. He adapts from moment to moment. A known paradox: Control is attained through acceptance.

In your life, you are both the crowd and the DJ. The crowd is simply how you feel right NOW. It is the tone of the moment. The DJ is your mind. What does the DJ play? The thoughts, situations, circumstances, visions, memories, calculations, insights, etc. that constantly fill the time line in your mind. Whatever you are "playing" will absolutely and directly affect the way you feel. You set the tone of how you feel. Your crowd always responds to your DJ.

This is a doubled edged power. If you continue to dwell on things that you don't like but can't change, you create suffering and stress for yourself. You also weaken your position in affecting any change. On the other side, if you continue to dwell on all the world's beauty, abundance, and everything you love, you enjoy how life feels right NOW and gain an advantage in making changes you want to see.

Life's a party. Do you want it ruined by playing garbage? Or do you want to hear all your favorites? The choice is yours. The power is yours. The time is NOW. Enjoy yourself.

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Money Can't Buy It

There are a lot of rich people who are not happy. Don't take my word for it. You have seen them for yourself. The news or the tabloids are usually always talking about some high profile case or another. This is mentioned to validate one point. Money can't buy happiness.

Of course, this is a very old saying. It has stuck around for so long because of the undeniable truth it represents. In the past I, myself, have questioned the validity of this saying. I used to think, "If I had all the money I wanted, there is no way I could possibly be unhappy." I later came to realize the ultimate truth behind it though.

This truth goes for more than just money. It goes for everything that you desire in life. It is not what you want that makes you happy when you get it. It is how you feel when you are experiencing it. It really all starts and ends with how you feel.

A man can have nine figures in his bank account and still be bent out of shape about a relationship or some other problem that money does not solve. Another man can be one pay check away from being penniless and feel like he's on top of the world.

This intangible feeling is why they say, "The best things in life are free." Money really can't buy this feeling. It is only accomplished by being in total acceptance of reality. When you can say YES to everything in your present moment; you have no choice but to be happy.

Though money can't buy happiness; happiness might get you paid. Happiness actually attracts money. Take a good look at life and see if you agree.

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You Complete Me?

The phrase alone doesn't really sound logical. On the other hand, we all know exactly what it means because we know how it feels to long for, or "need" another person. But does this really mean that the other person 'completes' you? Let's look further into this.

It's a fact that we are all born alone (even if you're a twin or etc.) and we all die alone (even if you die with others). Your journey and experience is yours alone. Knowing this, how can you need anyone else to complete you?

It only appears that it takes another to complete us. In reality, it is always us as an individual, that completes us. To illustrate, when John and Jane met and got to know each other, they formed a great attachment to each other. They became inseparable. If any significant period of time had to pass without them being together, they would miss each other greatly. But the clues to why they feel this way also provide the answers we're looking for.

John has formed an idea of a his perfect mate. He had this idea long before he met Jane. Jane so happens to fit John's idea in almost every way. John's idea of Jane is his alone and only affects his experience of her. Even when John is physically with Jane, John only ever experiences his own impressions of her. He only experiences his interpretation of who she is, how she looks, and how she acts. So in reality, it is John's idea of how his mate should be that he is attached to. It's not Jane, herself, but the idea that John has of Jane. The exact same thing goes for Jane and how she feels about John.

People have convinced themselves that it is "other people" who make them feel the way they do. In reality, no one can "make" you feel anything. It is the ideas that you hold so close that truly affect your mood. If John should suddenly drastically change in behavior or looks and deviate from Jane's idea of what her perfect mate is, Jane would not hold him in the same regard. While the attachment might remain for a while, she would be stressed out or heart broken. Only after the attachment is severed would she feel relief from this stress. She would feel indifferent about John because she reclaims the idea of her ideal mate. Once reclaimed, she's once again ready to bestow it on someone else.

Realizing that it is only our own ideas that complete us, we can see that we really only use others to bring these ideas into the physical world. By concentrating on your ideal mate and feeling the abundance of their company (even if they don't physically exist right now) you can be just as happy and fulfilled as if they were walking beside you. In contrast, you could be in a relationship with your ideal mate right now, but if you are not appreciating them or are only feeling a lack of what you want, you will not be happy with them.

When you really think about it, you always have your perfect mate with you. Your perfect mate is an idea that you created and if you give it the proper attention, you can feel the abundance of this presence at anytime. Not only can you feel better by appreciating this fact, but it actually helps to physically attract a person of this nature to you.

Happiness starts and ends with you. Once you can be happy with yourself, you have an unlimited supply to share with others. A relationship works out so much easier when you have two whole people complementing each other, rather than two needy souls looking for validation from each other.

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Life Through a Child's Eyes

Can you remember when you were a kid? Go back as far as you can. Remember when everything was new? The ever unfolding brand new parade of stimulus for your senses to experience. Exploring the world around you; feeling new fabrics, and textures; exciting new food to taste; new smells and scents from everything; new situations to deal with and learn from. In general, your sense of perception back then was considerably magnified compared to your senses most of the time today. Have you ever thought about why?

It is only natural for our perception to be heightened when our level of expectation is very low. In other words, the less you think you know what's going to happen next, the more aware and alert of the present moment you are. As a result, perception is heightened when your focus is in the present. People tend to enjoy themselves a lot more in the present moment as well.

Think about it yourself. You will notice that the newness of the moment is the secret ingredient in everything you enjoy. Are you a sports fan? You can't appreciate a game without being in the newness of the moment. Like to travel? The joy of traveling to new places is in the newness of the experience. Do you like to dance? Do you like music? How about movies, books, parties, meeting people, web surfing, everything! There is nothing that you can enjoy without acknowledging it in the present moment. You connect with life in the present moment.

So what's new? What is new? Of course 'new' has many uses and relative definitions but it is no coincidence that 'new' and 'now' have similar word origins. In order to be new, something must have just stepped out of the now; the present moment.

We often hear of people chasing their 'inner child'. It is easy to see why. The feeling of everything being brand new; the heightened perception; the zest for life; the wide eyed perspective; and the fun loving spirit are all still within you right now.

All it takes to bring it to life is attention. Focus navigates...

The Logic of Acceptance

Acceptance is a major life changing perspective and can be used as a tool to dramatically increase the value of your life right now. Regardless of your views on life, religion, science, philosophy, cultures, politics, or any other possible topic, you have almost no choice but to agree to the logic of acceptance. Check it out.

positive + positive = positive (+ and + = +)
Say yes to the yes...... in your perspective and you will enjoy life.

negative + negative = positive ( - and - = +)
Say no to the no...... in your perspective and you will enjoy life.

This is allowance of life situations. This is acceptance. This is adaptation. This is the root of happiness.

positive + negative = negative (+ and - = -)
Say yes to the no...... and in life you will feel pain or stress.

negative + positive = negative (- and + = -)
Say no to the yes...... and in life you will feel pain or stress.

From the teachings of Buddha to your nearest psychologist, it is agreed that the key to peace and happiness in life is to be in acceptance and not resistance to what is. Suffering is indeed a state of mind; and if you can change your mind (train your mind), then you can change your life experience.

This logic is true, mathematically, philosophically, and most importantly, it is true to your experience of life.

Your Thoughts Shape You

Or you could say, you shape yourself by the thoughts you give most attention to. Sounds like a common enough observation, but you'd be surprised how often it's overlooked!

The face you have as a child is the face you were given. The face you have as an adult (especially the older you get) is the face you shape. This isn't simply some philosophical saying. It is easily proven scientifically.

An experiment requires controls and a variable. Using human DNA as the control and "thought" as the variable, we can easily see how thought shapes a person. Identical twins share the same DNA code. Their DNA originates from a single source, thus their genetic makeup is the same and the characteristics that are determined by genetics will be the same.

Taking a look at the picture above illustrates the point very clearly. The sisters' thoughts, which influence their habits and their environment, have made a clear impact on their appearances. In even more extreme cases, plastic surgery, exercise, diet, and other incidents have dramatically changed the appearance of twins. This is all still the result of thought. The power of your thoughts can not be denied.

Just a little reminder to be a mindful conductor of your train of thought! Each one is a building block of you and your world.

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Getting Stuck

Here's the scenario: You're moving along at a pretty good speed. Then (WHAM!) it happens. This is something you thought could never happen again! How could this be? How could a known issue still cause a problem for you?

This scenario is vague enough to describe any life experience where a past problem has resurfaced or is being experienced yet again. It is an issue we thought we had resolved, transcended, or were previously enlightened about.

Even after an awakening. which is nothing more than a widening and deepening of your perspective, it is possible to become entangled in issues you previously thought conquered. The attachment to ideas and the people closest to you can seem to disappear for a time, only to remind you of its continued existence later on. This is only proof that the attachment still resonates with you.

It is neither a good or a bad thing. It just is. And being aware of it, you can make the best of it. Embracing the idea of abundance in the attachment as opposed to the lack of it will turn it into your advantage.

You absolutely can turn an attachment into an affirmation of abundance. If you are attached to a loved one you can't be with the way you like, you have the ability to envision yourself with them in a setting to your pleasing. You can interact with that person and all the qualities you love about them. Even when you were physically with them, the loved one was only an impression on you that YOU interpreted. You can bring life to this interpretation of them at any time. It only takes concentration. The same goes for any concept or object you may feel a lack of. You have the ability to conjure it and feel it's presence.

Getting stuck or caught up on the way down your path does happen. From the perspective of a third person, you were stuck for a very short time. Maybe from your own perspective, you were stuck for a long while. Either way, time is relative and forward is the only direction. Recognize that getting stuck is only an illusion and that the evolution never stops. All adversity is worth it.

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What Would Jesus Do?

The question itself is a hint at something a lot of people have never dared to think of. Choices make us who we are more than anything else. And if we posses the ability to choose what Jesus(/Buddha/any other religious figurehead) would do in a given situation, we already have them within us.

In other words, by choosing the godly way to act, we become more god like ourselves. This is true for any type of behavior. If a person went around with a, "What would a thief do?" mind set, they would take on the attributes of a thief. If a person went around with a, "What would a scholar do?" mind set, they would take on the attributes of a scholar. And so on.

They say that man was made in the image of God. But it can't be denied that the image of God was made by man. No matter how you look at it, what we think of God had to be observed and interpreted by people. Therefore all images and ideas of God are man made.

To take it even further, God and man are one. The perception and sense of God that man has is but a reflection of himself. When he asks himself, "What would Jesus do?", he is literally speaking to his God-self consciousness. Whatever his impression of God's teachings is, he will act on that.

Appreciate the fact that your Higher Intelligence is always with you. It will continue to grow and guide you as you give it more attention.

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Play It Off

An enjoyable life experience is all about perspective. An attitude of acceptance and the ability to adapt to whatever the moment holds, brings with it a sense of calmness and confidence.

With this calm confidence, you can do no wrong. Any missed steps or poor judgment can be quickly recognized and corrected. There is no shame. There is only growth.

Mistakes are simply sign posts pointing to perfection and aides in making all corrections. Embracing the moment for what it is and becoming one with it allows you to react from the place of all solutions. You will always end up in a better landing position when you first accept the fact you have fallen.

Own the moment. Play in it. Play with it. Play it off. You have nothing to lose and a winning experience to gain. Don't sweat the small stuff, cause it's ALL small stuff!

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Suicidal Thoughts

Ever had thoughts of wanting to wipe the slate clean and totally start over? I have. I never went as far as planning a way to do myself in, but if I were a video game, I would have wanted to hit the reset button.

I'm sure I can speak for anyone who has ever wanted to kill themselves, or at least had thoughts of erasing everything and starting fresh. This way of feeling and thinking is always brought on by a tremendous amount of stress (be it mental or physical).

The times I felt like this were years ago at this point, but I can easily remember what I was upset about and trying to avoid. I don't regret going through this depression stage because it played a role in bringing about an awakening within me. Since my shift in consciousness, I can see how and why this is a feeling more common to a whole lot of people than you may be lead to believe.

At the root of this urge to purge oneself of "life," lies a major paradox. You are life itself and will never die. You can move on past this physical world but will still live. So how can you "kill" yourself? You can't. You are only trying to kill your current situation.

Think about it. Who really wants to die? The ego. The identity you have adopted as yourself is in a huge amount of stress. Once separated from the identity, relief is experienced. Who wants relief from the identity? You do. The real you.

It really is like there are two people there. The phrase, "I hate myself," implies a 'hater' and a 'hatee', so to speak. To be unhappy with yourself/life situation is to be a house divided against itself. The solution is to become whole again. But how?

You can die while still living and gain even more life in the process! Sounds like another paradox, but it's true. Allowing yourself to become more aware of the part of you that is the eternal observer, will bring balance to your perspective. There is the part of you that cares so much about the stressful situations (ego identity) and there's the part of you that is good either way and just observes. Allowing yourself to simply, objectively, observe your ego identity and it's drama, you will watch that part of you die. It will start to seem less and less important and less of who you are. It will lose all power and you will regain it.

Killing your body is a waste of time. You will continue on and have to overcome the same tests that drove you to it in the first place. Killing the attachments that cause you stress will achieve all the relief you desire plus so much more! Meditate on theses words and suicide will never seem logical again.

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Everybody's Crazy!

Some people's 'crazy' is just too hard to relate to, so they get the official label of "insane."

What brought me to this crazy ass conclusion? Because I'm so far gone, insane and crazy myself! And I'm convinced that everyone else is too!

There are, of course, the standards of society as a whole. This is what the collective uses to label a person crazy. These mainstream ideas of what 'crazy' really is, are the reason I'm saying that everyone (and myself exceedingly) are crazy by definition!

Mentally deranged; demented;, unsound, crooked, askew, mad, insane, impractical, erratic, unusual, infatuated, and obsessed; these all describe 'crazy' when you look it up. Yet a person's judgment through observation is always needed to cast the label of 'crazy.' If the person making the judgment sees the object as 'normal' or 'sane' because they enjoy or suffer from the same perspective, they won't see the other as crazy!

I've realized that 'crazy' and 'insane' are simply labels. They are words interpreted by everyone with a slightly different meaning. What's 'crazy' for one person won't necessarily be 'crazy' to someone else.

Even the mainstream ideas of 'crazy' can be related to 'average' people. Can you deny that your thought process often contains voices in your mind, some even conflicting and going back and forth? Can you deny that 'crazy' things have crossed your mind (regardless if you acted on them or not)? Who is to say you are not crazy?

People who have made great changes in the world would have all been considered crazy by their peers at the time! Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, the Wright Brothers, Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Alexander Graham Bell, Benjamin Franklin, and countless other visionaries all saw what others could not! They were the best kind of crazy! They actually helped stretch the mainstream ideas of what crazy really is.

Realizing and understanding that all possibilities really do exist and that being a visionary allows you to explore these infinite possibilities, I encourage everyone to be a little more crazy!

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See Yourself, Feel Your Essence

Be aware of your awareness.
Define your ability to define.
Be conscious of your consciousness.
Think about your thoughts.
Contemplate contemplation.
Focus on your focus.
Perceive your perception.
Be cognitive of your cognition.
Be mindful of your mind.
Attend to your attention.
Sense your senses.
Concentrate on your ability to concentrate.
Take note of your ability to take notice.
Behold the beholder.
Observe the observer.
Be insightful of your insight.
See the seer.
Know the know-er.
Feel the gaze of your own vision.

Just a Matter of Perspective

Ever thought about how 'perspective' and 'awareness' are two completely different aspects of our consciousness? They are tied together in our minds because one can not exist without the other. Because they can't exist without each other, they are indivisible, or one in the same. This is clearly a paradox since they are indeed different.

'Awareness' exists before 'perspective' can be formed. Awareness is the very sense of being that allows us to observe the outside world, and the inner world as well. Though 'awareness' comes before 'perspective', it will take the defining factors that 'perspective' brings to make any sense of 'awareness'. Or more simply stated, one doesn't make sense without the other.

I mention the difference because I've noticed that no matter how your perspective may change or shift; your awareness always remains the same in nature, only growing in degrees of intensity. You have the same awareness that you had when you were an infant. It is only the focus of this awareness and the perspective that have shifted. Who you think you are is all 'perspective'. Then there is the 'awareness' that gives this perspective life.

It is amazing how radically our perspective can shift while maintaining the same force of awareness. Some great movie plots illustrating this are "Face Off (1997)," " District 9 (2009)," and "Avatar (2009)." In all three films, main characters shift appearance and perspective greatly while remaining the same awareness. With almost 180 degree turns in seeing themselves and everything else, how else can you explain still being the same person? Though these are just movies, people in real life are able to change just as dramatically by way of changing who they 'think' they are!

When people talk about ego identity, they are referring to this 'perspective'. I've realized that 'ego' is indivisible from 'awareness.' When people speak of the ego as the part of us to be transcended so that we may experience the peace that is always with us, they are speaking of the small 'perspective' of being solely an individual. When this concept is transcended, there is still an ego. There is still a broader 'perspective.' The difference is that it is a perspective of wholeness, or oneness. If you are aware of this perspective, you have not discarded the ego, but matured and purified it.

Everything is literally a matter of perspective! And remembering that we are the unchanging (in nature) awareness that gives light to all perspectives, is a very powerful alley and brings balance to all perspective.

Become aware of your perspective on everything!

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Spontaneous Inspiration

Inspiration strikes quite often when it's allowed. I've been letting the feeling flow from thoughts to tweets. Here's a few recent ones...

  • People are diamonds. Most are in the rough, thinking they're regular stones. The greats chisel away and repair flaws, revealing their value.
  • It ain't where you from, it's where you at! Especially where your head is at!
  • The only real money is the way you spend your attention. Live free of fear based thinking. "Scared money don't make money!"
  • The road to greatness is driven one mile at a time, walked one step at a time, lived one moment at a time. Look out! You're on it right NOW!
  • The road to greatness is paved with dreams, enthusiasm, and the realization that you are great right NOW! ...even before the acknowledgment.
  • There is no "out there" out there. ~Joel Goldsmith
  • Light from outside doesn't actually make it to the part of the brain where images are generated. The light you see is coming from you!
  • Worrying really is a waste of time when you consider that same focus can go to a solution! Plus you feel better! What's better than that?
  • Inhale...Exhale... Inhale...Exhale... Inhale...Exhale... Feel that?!! I get a rush! Lol... Anyway, have a great day!
  • You can only breath in the present moment. The mind can feel the undercurrent of peace in the moment when you're aware of your breathing.
  • Calmness is easily experienced when attention is brought to your breathing. Breath speed and thought speed are linked. Attention controls it
  • Once you reach a high enough altitude, there are no more clouds.
  • A promise is only good if it's meant to be kept. Money is only good if it's meant to be spent. Life is only good when it's appreciated!
  • The mind's eye can explore any and all possibilities. Imagination is a doorway. Images most focused on and felt, come to pass. Visualize it!
  • Is the glass half full or half empty? My answer: It's all full! Even the empty half is full of possibilities! Focus on abundance! No lack!
  • Realizing that all potential to be, have, and do greatness lives with in you; you're a buried treasure, discovered everytime you look inside
  • The notion of chaos is an illusion. All seemingly random chaos is part of a more grand order.
  • No one can steal your attention. You willfully GIVE it away. All power lies where your attention is at.

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Clouds and Smoke

I guess you could say my head is in the clouds...

Ever look up at the sky and notice how transient and temporary the clouds are? They move around so easily when the wind blows. They change shape and size so quickly and so often, before you know it, you are looking at a totally transformed cloud. They also often breakup and join together making the new and the old indistinguishable. Smoke moves the same way, although usually at a much quicker pace and appears to disappear without a trace.

Knowing the absolute truths that, "Nothing lasts forever," and, "Everything that has a beginning has an ending;" it occurred to me that we are just like a cloud or a puff of smoke, only moving at a slower rate of change. Not the true essence of who we are, but the external identity that we appear to be. Our appearances and life situations are in a state of constant flux. Change is a constant in all of our life experiences, varying only in the speed of the change.

From the standpoint of quantum mechanics' string theory, the vibrations of the strings that create our physical reality is in constant flux. Amazingly, we have more control over how these changes take place than most people realize. This has also been proven through the science of quantum mechanics by way of the observer influencing what is observed, just by the act of paying attention.

Life is truly like a dream and the more awake we can be in this dream, the more control we will have over how it unfolds. We can be lucid dreamers in the dream of life.

Accepting the fact that situations are always temporary can give you tremendous peace of mind for the more difficult periods in life and for the fun times, it can allow you to appreciate them even more. The clouds are constantly rolling by. It's best to enjoy the show.

Be a Celebrity!

Ever notice how pop culture gushes over celebrities? Notice the way the mainstream media has wet dreams and blankets newspapers and the nightly news every time they hear about some type of celebrity misfortune? Ever wonder why?

The word 'celebrity' comes from 'celebrate'. It literally means to be a celebrated person. The most popular actors, athletes, and music artists are among the most celebrated people in the world!

People celebrate the lives of celebrities because in them, they see a reflection of the part of themselves they would like to celebrate. Anytime you can appreciate the talents of others, you are actually appreciating an aspect of yourself! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

With the popularity of 'reality TV', we can easily see how the average person can become a celebrity over night. People who would not have been celebrated in the past are getting their claim to fame (even if only for "15 minutes" of it). This can bring about the question, "Why am I not a celebrity?" There's also a good number of people (including myself) who don't really care for fame. But it's more the aspect of celebrating life then fame I'm referring to.

Well, the good news is that you can be a celebrity right this minute! Realizing that all it takes to be one is an attitude of celebrating your life, becoming a celebrity is actually very healing. Eliminating stress and bringing acceptance and joy into your everyday life is simply a matter of changing the way you view yourself and life in general.

Life is meant to be not only lived, but celebrated! You don't need annoying paparazzi and an endless stream of fans to feel the same sense of celebration as your favorite big name. All it takes is your own attention.

So...what are you waiting for? Become a celebrity right now! :-)

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Growing Pains

Growing pains. We have all had them. You can not find a person alive who has not had difficulty with something. In all reality, it is so common place; it is sometimes hard to see why people react the way they do to some of life's tests.

A great deal of the pain and stress we suffer is self inflicted. This is due to the egoic identity we mistake ourselves for and the many ideas and concepts we are identified with. All of these things become part of our identity. Our identity becomes our comfort zone.

Beyond the limit of your comfort zone lies nothing but stress and pain. Everything beyond what is considered to be the best scenario for the ego's well being causes you stress. This could be as small as a minor irritation or as major as life and death. If it is a threat to your idea of well being; it is stressful to your ego.

Loss of any kind is usually considered a pain. It is often only through this type of pain that the walls of our comfort zone can be shattered. What ends up happening is your comfort zone becomes wider. You are able to be without someone or something and still recognize that you are good. The pain helped you grow.

This is where sayings like, "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger," come from. There is a much deeper meaning behind this and many other sayings than maybe noticed on the surface.

It is a regular fact that unexpected incidents and occurrences affect our lives from time to time. These can be seen as horrible experiences in our lives or they can be seen as chances to grow in perspective and adapt to what is.

You can literally change the meaning of pain.

To get more on this in depth; read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!

The Evolution Revolution

Do you believe in evolution? People have disagreed for ages about whether or not we were "created by God" or we evolved randomly out of natural selection's "survival of the fittest." Personally, I don't see why it should have to be one or the other since they could both really be responsible for life as we know it right now. Intelligent design seems to me to go hand in hand with natural selection as it was the design of the Creator for survival of the fittest to help shape life.

Whatever you believe; it is almost irrelevant because in our very lifetime, we have been a witness to the evolution of human consciousness. You need not theorize the origins of our species to see evidence of our continuing change and growth from the time that you were born. The tremendous jump in technology and some cultural changes is proof enough. There really is no question as to if evolution is real. It is only how far back one is willing to take it.

We now stand at the threshold of the next major leap in human evolution. The next phase in our evolution is not one of natural selection, but one of individual choice. It is a choice in perspective. It is how we choose to see the world and therefore ourselves.

How is this so? The average human psyche is severely dysfunctional. The mismatch of a very primitive human ego and the very advanced human mind has lead humanity down a path of ever increasing speed, technology, and efficiency and yet we struggle with the same issues of conflict, fear, greed, and disharmony as people thousands of years ago.

A human ego can be seen as primitive when it works against a person's well being. Humanity has quite literally outgrown or evolved right past the way it functions. The ego works as an anchor for identity so that the mind knows what to protect. An animal's ego works in the same way. It's purpose is self preservation. In humans, we have a primitive part of us directing a highly advanced part of us. What else makes this ego mind combination so dysfunctional for us humans is that we identify with ideas and concepts as if they are us. People will fight and die for ideas and concepts as if they were defending their very existence.

An immature ego controlling the thought process of the mind is the source of the dysfunction. Most people can not stop thinking when ever they want. Paradoxically, moving to the next level of consciousness requires less thought. Higher states of awareness exist beyond the realm of thoughts created by your mind. It is when you can be without thought that intuition can exist.

There have been people throughout history who have tried to show us how to snap out of the old and destructive perspective the immature ego mind presents, but their message was often misinterpreted or used to the benefit of some leaving others in the dark. Never the less, consciousness is in a constant shift toward becoming aware of itself and it seems now more than ever this shift is spreading further, faster, and wider. People ego's are maturing from a perspective of individuals separated from and against a cold outside world to a realization that they are one with their world.

The revolution will not be televised! It won't even be a physical struggle. The revolution is happening all over the world, right now, on an individual basis. The revolution is here! Experience it!

Music To My Ears

Music vs. Noise

Ever notice how some music to some people is just noise? Then there are other people who can turn almost any noise into music. How is this so? What noise becomes music to our ears?

It all boils down to our acceptance level. It is a sense and a matter of perspective, exactly like our sense of humour. Music is our acceptance level of noise just as laughter is our acceptance level of a situation.

Of course music can be, and is very much more elaborate and sequenced than random noise. But at the same time, the interpretation of it comes first and foremost. If a person can't or doesn't discern the flow, sequence, or rhythm of music, then it really is just noise! Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, music is in the 'ear' of the listener.

In every case of perceiving the outside world (and even the one within) we are receivers of various vibrational frequencies. Be it sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, emotion, or any other possible feeling; we are interpreting these vibes and either accepting of them or in resistance to them. Of course there are varying levels of acceptance or resistance, but in all cases it is up to us to interpret them the way we do.

People who have had psychedelic experiences have claimed being able to see the colors of music and hear the differences in different colored light. They have claimed to be able to feel sound and light as if it was tactile as well. This actually makes perfect sense when we realize that our regular senses only pick up a minute fraction of the over all spectrum of vibrations that are known to exist. If we disrupt the way our senses usually work, we maybe open to receiving more of what's out there than we usually do.

'Music to my ears' = 'Beauty to my eyes' = 'Pleasure to my touch' = 'Intoxicating fragrance to my nose' = 'Nectar to my mouth' = 'Blissful joy to my spirit'. They are equal in the sense that it is our embracing of the sense stimulus that allows us to really appreciate it.

Life is always giving us a steady stream of 'noise'. It is up to us to constantly interpret that 'noise' as music to our ears.

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The Quiet Majesty

Can you feel it?

The quiet majesty that is always with you. It is always with you and yet you will not notice it unless you are there with yourself.

You will be unable to feel or acknowledge it unless you are willing to become aware that you have awareness. Becoming conscious of your consciousness, you will become aware of your own presence.

This is the presence that is always with you. This is the presence before your personality. It is the space that allows your personality to exist. This presence is the true essence of you.

This is the silence before any thought or emotional impression. It is the silence that allows such things to rise and subside with in it. This silence is the true essence of you.

This silent presence, once truly felt and acknowledged, feels very peaceful, calm, confident, regal, and majestic. This is the Quiet Majesty within. This majestic silence is you.

The Only Thing

When I was grade school age, I first heard the riddle, "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" I was (and still am) very logical and scientific about the way I saw things. I thought, "Of course it makes a sound! Duh! What kind of riddle is that? Even if no one's around, the moving air and impact on the earth would make a sound!"

I realized after a shift in perspective how things really work. The production of sound requires 3 things: A source, a medium, and a receiver. The source creates a series of pressure waves. These pressure waves travel through various mediums including water, air, and solids. The receiver collects and converts these pressure waves into electrical impulses. If you remove any of the 3 requirements for sound, there is no sound.

In the vacuum of outer space there is no medium for sound wave travel, therefore, no sound. In the absence of a receiver in the woods, the falling tree only produces a series of pressure waves.

This is an issue many scientists, and people in general overlook. There is no science without an observer, and yet the observer is often left out of equations and theories. Everyday people also overlook the fact that they see the world from their eyes alone. People influence what they see by what they think and how they feel about it.

Everything you can possibly conceive of in all creation and even imagination, all have one thing in common. Even more, this one thing is the only thing that is ever really real to us. It is all we experience and allows us to conceive of, and perceive the world the way we do.

This only thing is consciousness. Without consciousness, nothing would be perceived or experienced. Nothing would exist without attention paid to it. If eyes were never part of our anatomy, light would not exist for us. Consciousness gives birth and meaning to all experience. If something can not be experienced, acknowledged, measured, or otherwise observed, how can it possibly exist to us?

It's the only thing that there really is. If you can really appreciate that, life is sweet!

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The Contrast

"It's all good!"

This phrase, though used all the time, is often not understood in it's fullest and most true meaning. The wisdom behind it is timeless and has literally been around forever presenting itself in many philosophies and perspectives, but they are still just words. Because words can't give you the exact experience behind them, the true meaning is often lost.

How the hell could everything really be good?! It sounds crazy from a lot of perspectives. We've got poverty all over the world, war, natural disasters destroy places like Haiti, and lots of misery and suffering in peoples daily lives. So how can anyone in their right mind say, "It's all good?"

One answer is 'contrast.' What are your favorite stories, movies, or books? Take a second and think of one. There's no doubt the story you are thinking of has a person or people who are being affected by horrible events or circumstances. If there was no trouble, there would be no story.

As simple as the idea of contrast is, it can sometimes be difficult to see the things we don't like as the things that give value to the things we do like. Literally, if there was no 'bad', there could be no 'good'. Just as with all opposites, they are indivisible.
  • If darkness did not exist, light would not be perceivable because it would be a constant.
  • If silence did not exist, sound would not be perceivable because it would be a constant.
  • If pain did not exist, pleasure would not be perceivable because it would be a constant.
  • Etc...
When you realize you can't have one side of a coin without the other, then you can see both sides as one coin. A coin with everything you love on one side, and everything you fear on the other. If you labeled this coin, the name could have no opposite since the coin is both sides. If you appreciate the coin as a whole (even though you don't really care for one side) then "it's all good." With this perspective, you can not only feel better, but more effectively change things you don't like.

Because there will always be some kind of a contrast in life, it's our choice to accept it and choose to focus on the part we like. What is focused on expands in your experience.

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Zero is Nothing AND Everything

"Nothing from nothing leaves nothing." As common place as the idea is, zero is truly an amazing concept. It has qualities no other number possesses. In terms of what it represents and how it fits together with everything else, it has a lot of the qualities that people attribute to God.

The number zero that we are accustomed to, came into existence rather late, around 200 A.D. (centuries after the great Classical Greek Period, which can arguably be called the origin of the modern mathematics). The number zero as we know it was conceived by the Hindus from India. The Hindus were the first to recognize a mathematical representation of concept of no quantity. It had not occurred to earlier civilizations, even to the Greeks, that it would be useful to have a number which represents the absence of any objects.

Zero has long been philosophized about because the nature of nothing, or no-thing, is paradoxical in nature. Just as the nature of a Higher Power, zero is everywhere and no where at the same time. Here are some of the rules for how zero is used mathematically. Notice the same can be said for Consciousness.
  • The sum of zero and a negative number is negative.
  • The sum of zero and a positive number is positive.
  • The sum of zero and zero is zero.
  • The sum of a positive and a negative is their difference; or, if they are equal, zero.
  • A positive or negative number when divided by zero is a fraction with the zero as denominator.
  • Zero divided by a negative or positive number is either zero or is expressed as a fraction with zero as numerator and the finite quantity as denominator.
  • Zero divided by zero is zero.
Zero is neither negative or positive, or it is both. Zero is at the center of infinity. Zero has always been, is right now, and always will be. It is always there added or subtracted from anything that you see. The most important numeric value to mankind has no numeric value.

For more on this and similar concepts, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!

Be Mine

"Be mine, Valentine."
From these words alone, we can already see the dysfunction in the traditional view of romance.

The concept of possession is an extension of a person's identity. If an object belongs to you, in some way, shape, or form, it is an attachment. It becomes part of the ego identity. This is why all possessions are able to bring pleasure or pain.

Somehow, unconditional love has gotten all confused with attachment and possession. This gives rise to the illusion of a lack of love or feelings that oppose love. Love is our nature. There is no opposite or lack unless we are looking through the warped perception of the ego mind. It is only here that any loved one can be or do anything for us to feel a lack of love for them.

When we say, "Be mine," we are setting up a condition that will result in us feeling bad if it is not met. This condition says if you are mine and you stick to the concept I have in my mind of what it means to be mine, everything is great. But if you are not mine, then I will not love you and because I am still attached to you, I will feel pain. How crazy is that?

When we can let go and just love unconditionally, we are free.

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Can You Feel It?

I can feel it.

Feeling is part of your perception. You can really only use your perception in the present moment. When people acknowledge that they can feel something, they are being conscious.

My definition of conscious is being aware of being aware. In other words, if you can take notice of yourself taking notice of anything; you are conscious.

Have you ever noticed that when you feel something you may experience it and not actually acknowledge that you experience it? For example, you may be wearing very comfortable clothing or shoes. You can completely overlook the fact that these garments are being felt by you right now because they are very easy on your body. But reading this or maybe someone else giving you a compliment on what you are wearing may bring your awareness back to the fact that you are feeling your clothes all the time and that you are simply overlooking it. When you have the awareness that allows you to feel the light sensation of the clothes on your skin; you are conscious of your clothes in that moment.

'I can feel it,' is a statement of consciousness even if the person saying it is not conscious that they are being conscious. When this is the case, I call it 'unconscious consciousness.'

When people acknowledge that they can feel something, they are being in the present moment (whether they are conscious of it or not). Just as illustrated above, you can be in contact with something and not really feel it. This is because your mind is preoccupied with thought. You are not truly there in the moment. Your attention must be there for you to really feel it. Since anything that you feel must be touching you at the time you feel it; anything you feel is in the present moment.

You can feel with more than physical contact. Touch is only one of our sense perceptions. Bringing more awareness to what you are aware of enhances your consciousness. When you bring more awareness to your perception as a whole, you can really feel the present moment and everything in it that you give your attention to.

You can feel it.

Who Hears Your Prayers?

You can go down a long list of world religions from the past to the present and one thing you will find most of them have in common is the practice of prayer. Have you ever really noticed this? It is pretty noteworthy since, religions tend to differ on so many other issues.

Regardless of the differences in how the prayer is carried out, essentially prayer in any faith or religion, is a conversation between you and the Higher Power. Why has the act of communication with a Higher Power transcended time and culture to be part of mankind's spiritual practice for thousands of years? It is because it works on one level or another.

Who hears our prayers? The person praying expects God to hear their prayers. But who said God was listening? What they do not tell you in most religions and faiths, is that the reason why prayer feels good and does often work is because the Higher Power is always in your presence. That is why we expect 'Him' to hear our prayers.

How can 'God' always be in our presence? Most people's idea of God is a being who is omnipresent and omnipotent. 'He' is everywhere and knows everything. You as an individual happen to be everywhere also. The only difference is that you are only everywhere that you go. Since you are everywhere that you go and God is everywhere in general, it stands to reason that God is always in your presence.

To take it a step further, you could even realize that God is your very presence. The consciousness that animates you; the essence that observes, lives, and breathes; is the very same Intelligence that hears your prayers. The reason why you are everywhere you go is the same reason why you can pray to God anywhere you go. The Universal Intelligence is always with you and we are all one with it. It only takes the awareness to experience this.

Who hears the prayers the individual self makes? The universal Self hears them. Recognizing that the Source is within you is major.

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Life Is Open To Interpretation

I'm sure that everyone can agree that the way a person feels throughout life is what actually determines their experience of life. What a person is exposed to and observes is not nearly as important as how they interpret what they observe. It is the interpretation that will determine the experience of life.

Just as two women can observe a man and have completely different opinions of him and why they do or do not like him; life is open to interpretation. With the right perspective you may make everything in life aid in your experience of a 'good' life.

When you take a good look at yourself, and trace to the source, what it is that dictates how you interpret life situations; you will see that it is a collection of ideas and concepts identified with by your ego. In other words, the part of your psyche that determines your identity is identified with these ideas and concepts just as much, if not more, than you as an individual.

To make this easier to understand; the ego is like a checklist of pros and cons. The ideas of good things happening to us are on the ego's pros list. The ideas of bad things happening to us are on the ego's cons list. It is always directing the mind to stick to the boundaries of theses lists. When things are adding up on the cons list; stress is experienced. When things are stacking up on the pros list; pleasure is the result.

If it were possible to scrap theses lists and have no boundaries for interpreting your life experience; what do you think would be the result? If there is no more good and bad, then what is left?

One thing is for sure. You will no longer suffer from self inflicted stress (which is over 98% of all stress). You would also live more in the present moment because worrying about that checklist no longer takes up so much of your attention and energy.

There are so many possibilities in life. It is the way we choose to interpret our situations that determine our experience. Since we have a choice; let us choose the path of least resistance to life. In other words, accept life. Adapt to life and it will become your greatest friend.

Sense Perception

You gotta look before you can see.
You must listen before you can hear.
You won't experience details not focused upon.
You have to experience before you can know.

If you are watching TV and lost in thought about something else, you miss the show. If you are having a conversation and listening to a song, either the song or the convo doesn't get fully heard.

The amount of things a person can focus on simultaneously can actually grow. It just takes a bit of practice. What your senses can perceive all at once can actually expand way beyond what the average person would even consider. Even beyond the physical senses, we are beings of amazingly infinite potential!

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The New Money

Did you hear about the new money coming out? Pretty soon everyone will have to switch over to this new currency. It's evolutionary and it's inevitable.

In the same way that, "gray is the new black," or "smart is the new cool;" the new money is your attention. If you think about it, right at this moment, your attention is the most valuable asset you have! Even more true, it's really the only asset you ever have!

The "new" money is exactly the same as the old money in terms of it's power source. There are lots of people who have long since switched over to the new money. The "new" money is not really new. It's alway been there. It was there before money and it will be there after money.

Recognizing that your attention determines your quality of life way beyond any amount of monetary funds effectively minimizes the importance of cash and as a result allows you to have more of it.

You are spending the new money right this second. You are paying attention right now. Start to notice how much you spend and what you spend it on during your everyday. When you pay attention, you always get something in return. What are you getting back? Do you like and enjoy it? If so, you are appreciating your money! If you are paying attention or focusing on what you don't like, you are in a state of lack. Cash money's got nothing to do with it.

So get your money up!

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The Secret

"The Secret" is not really a secret. It is self evident. The secret is the truth we experience every present moment.

What is really more of a secret is the fact that so many people are led to believe in something other than what their experience tells them.

We are told to believe that we are not capable of doing magic and performing super natural feats. We are told that to enjoy life is sinful. We are told that there is a judgmental higher power. We are told to separate ourselves from the higher power and cower in fear.

The real secret is, a person's life can only be seen from their individual perspective and everything that person believes, colors their perspective. If you are seeing life through beliefs that have not been proven by your life experience, you have the choice of holding on to them or letting them go.

The real secret is to let go of all fear based thinking (including fearing God). The real secret is that there is no secret. All you have to do is remove the beliefs coloring your vision to see it.

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