God vs. the Devil?

As a kid, I really bought into the the story and imagery of God who lived in Heaven at war with the Devil who lived in Hell. As I matured and my ability to reason developed, I realized how much utter and complete bullshit this really was! lol!

What would bring me to such a conclusion? It's not so hard to come to this conclusion yourself, if you take a look at all the qualities humanity has assigned to these supernatural entities and you are open to asking yourself a few real questions.

Let's begin with God's qualities. He is the creator of everyone and everything. He is good and just and forgives all. He is eternal, omnipotent, and omnipresent. He is basically Love personified. Now the devil is pretty much the opposite. He tries to oppose good intention and destroy the quality of all life. He personifies all negativity.
Now some questions. Why or how could "God" have enemies if He created everyone and everything including the devil? And what would He supposedly do to His "enemies"? Wouldn't "God" or his angels wielding weapons with murderous intent be a contradiction? How could "God" ever feel slighted or vengeful? Doesn't that sound like people trying to project their own feelings of in adequacy onto a being too grand to ever feel that way? How can Love personified ever be hateful? How can an intelligence as complex as the Creator who made the stars in the sky and the bio-machinery that makes your cells function really care for such triviality?

What would the devil feel about those who support himself and his ideals? Love possibly? More contradiction? If the devil succeeded in destroying all that is good, then what? Would there even be a point? Is what "God" would do with his wife considered sin?

We could go on with questions like these, but you probably get the point. There are way too many holes in the dogma for me to take it seriously. I came to the conclusion a while back that heaven & hell are actually frames of mind and the traditional views and explanations of "God" & the devil are two sides of the same coin. Neither exist without or outside the mind of man. Both images and ideas only have as much power as you give them.

If you dwell on being god-like, you will act as you believe God acts, working for the greater good of all and life will feel heavenly. If you submit to your lower instincts and allow yourself to stay in low spirits, you'll be doing the devil's work and life will feel hellish.

You would be the vehicle for either force to act. The choice and the power is always yours.

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