Spontaneous Inspiration

Inspiration strikes quite often when it's allowed. I've been letting the feeling flow from thoughts to tweets. Here's a few recent ones...

  • People are diamonds. Most are in the rough, thinking they're regular stones. The greats chisel away and repair flaws, revealing their value.
  • It ain't where you from, it's where you at! Especially where your head is at!
  • The only real money is the way you spend your attention. Live free of fear based thinking. "Scared money don't make money!"
  • The road to greatness is driven one mile at a time, walked one step at a time, lived one moment at a time. Look out! You're on it right NOW!
  • The road to greatness is paved with dreams, enthusiasm, and the realization that you are great right NOW! ...even before the acknowledgment.
  • There is no "out there" out there. ~Joel Goldsmith
  • Light from outside doesn't actually make it to the part of the brain where images are generated. The light you see is coming from you!
  • Worrying really is a waste of time when you consider that same focus can go to a solution! Plus you feel better! What's better than that?
  • Inhale...Exhale... Inhale...Exhale... Inhale...Exhale... Feel that?!! I get a rush! Lol... Anyway, have a great day!
  • You can only breath in the present moment. The mind can feel the undercurrent of peace in the moment when you're aware of your breathing.
  • Calmness is easily experienced when attention is brought to your breathing. Breath speed and thought speed are linked. Attention controls it
  • Once you reach a high enough altitude, there are no more clouds.
  • A promise is only good if it's meant to be kept. Money is only good if it's meant to be spent. Life is only good when it's appreciated!
  • The mind's eye can explore any and all possibilities. Imagination is a doorway. Images most focused on and felt, come to pass. Visualize it!
  • Is the glass half full or half empty? My answer: It's all full! Even the empty half is full of possibilities! Focus on abundance! No lack!
  • Realizing that all potential to be, have, and do greatness lives with in you; you're a buried treasure, discovered everytime you look inside
  • The notion of chaos is an illusion. All seemingly random chaos is part of a more grand order.
  • No one can steal your attention. You willfully GIVE it away. All power lies where your attention is at.

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Rizal Affif said...

Nice. They just expressed themselves through us.

I followed you already ;)

David "Shinzen" Nelson said...

Two thumbs up! :-)

Ta Wan said...

nice I could have made several posts from that collection :D

C. Om said...

Very much appreciated Rizal, Shinzen, and Ta Wan! I can't really take the credit though. It comes 'through' me like Rizal said. :-)

Ana Goncalves said...

Wonderful, that is the true joy of connection and all these sharings are part of the collective consciousness of light. :)

True wisdom flowing in pureness.

I do this most of the time too-its our truth.