Your Thoughts Shape You

Or you could say, you shape yourself by the thoughts you give most attention to. Sounds like a common enough observation, but you'd be surprised how often it's overlooked!

The face you have as a child is the face you were given. The face you have as an adult (especially the older you get) is the face you shape. This isn't simply some philosophical saying. It is easily proven scientifically.

An experiment requires controls and a variable. Using human DNA as the control and "thought" as the variable, we can easily see how thought shapes a person. Identical twins share the same DNA code. Their DNA originates from a single source, thus their genetic makeup is the same and the characteristics that are determined by genetics will be the same.

Taking a look at the picture above illustrates the point very clearly. The sisters' thoughts, which influence their habits and their environment, have made a clear impact on their appearances. In even more extreme cases, plastic surgery, exercise, diet, and other incidents have dramatically changed the appearance of twins. This is all still the result of thought. The power of your thoughts can not be denied.

Just a little reminder to be a mindful conductor of your train of thought! Each one is a building block of you and your world.

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Mark said...

This is a great illustration of the power of our thoughts. We are so unaware of the power each of our thoughts wield. I am amazed at how powerful our thoughts are and how ignorant we are of their power.

David "Shinzen" Nelson said...

The mind is truly is infinite, flowing in and out of finite bodies.

CordieB said...

The mind is powerful, indeed. I've heard that our thought patterns can actually alter our DNA - have you heard any proof on that?


Gail said...


I know how powerful our thoughts are - but they remain an illusion unless there is an action/behavior that follows. If I or you or any of us did everything we thought, well, the world would be completely out of order. We, control our actions/behaviors - because those impact our world - our thoughts have no impact unless we "do" something with them.

Love Gail
peace and hope

C. Om said...

Mark, right you are. The good news is we are becoming increasingly aware of the power of thoughts.

Shinzen, well said and a true picture!

Cordie, I have indeed heard of this phenomenon. I'm not sure about the conclusive evidence myself, right now, but "mind over matter" makes perfect sense to me since mind determines matter.

Gail, very true. Our thoughts need focus and will to materialize. Actions are the result. It's not the thoughts alone that are so powerful. It's the attention and emotion given to the thoughts that motivate action. If someone is enthusiastic about being healthy, they will take actions to be healthy. The thoughts are the blueprint never-the-less.

David "Shinzen" Nelson said...

The word Karate exemplifies your post as well. 'Te' means hand. 'Kara' means empty and is associated with unlimited potential. As a martial artist thinks fist, te or hand, shapes into a fist. If the thought is a karate chop, it takes that shape. If he thinks, tiger claw, the hand takes this shape and so on.

This is the deeper meaning of Karate...the hand is symbolic of our own unlimited potential and is shaped by our thoughts :)