Money Can't Buy It

There are a lot of rich people who are not happy. Don't take my word for it. You have seen them for yourself. The news or the tabloids are usually always talking about some high profile case or another. This is mentioned to validate one point. Money can't buy happiness.

Of course, this is a very old saying. It has stuck around for so long because of the undeniable truth it represents. In the past I, myself, have questioned the validity of this saying. I used to think, "If I had all the money I wanted, there is no way I could possibly be unhappy." I later came to realize the ultimate truth behind it though.

This truth goes for more than just money. It goes for everything that you desire in life. It is not what you want that makes you happy when you get it. It is how you feel when you are experiencing it. It really all starts and ends with how you feel.

A man can have nine figures in his bank account and still be bent out of shape about a relationship or some other problem that money does not solve. Another man can be one pay check away from being penniless and feel like he's on top of the world.

This intangible feeling is why they say, "The best things in life are free." Money really can't buy this feeling. It is only accomplished by being in total acceptance of reality. When you can say YES to everything in your present moment; you have no choice but to be happy.

Though money can't buy happiness; happiness might get you paid. Happiness actually attracts money. Take a good look at life and see if you agree.

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Rizal Affif - The Soul Sanctuary said...

Ah, the classic case. Riches tend to think that they can buy anything, but the more they buy the fill the gap inside, the bigger the gap grow.

I guess happiness is really not a million dollar away; it's as short as a choice away, for those who realized it. Heaven! :D

C. Om said...

100% correct! You nailed it like a professional carpenter! lol :-)

David "Shinzen" Nelson said...

Nothing produces a Zen calm like money in the bank! LOL!!!

Of course this is also temporary...there is nothing we can rely on, no place to lie our head, no circumstances for us to have and hold for peace and calm...and in this there is...this.

WaterLearner said...

How right!! I am glad I bumped into your blog.

C. Om said...

Only too right! The "money in the bank" is only an idea that we interpret as well being. In reality, nothing is promised or guaranteed except the fact we can feel just as good without this idea as we can with it. :-)

Pleased to have you! Please check out the archives for lots more posts. :-)

CordieB. said...

This reminds me of a true story written by an "underpriviledged" young high school student who worked at a retirement home for the rich and privileged. He often wished he could drive some of the finer vehicles the residents and visitors of this center drove. One particular elderly woman who was dying and very afraid cried endlessly one night just to have someone hold her as she passed from this life. No one was there to ease her into the next life by being with her other than this young man...all her friends, children, and others had long ago stopped visiting. He realized from this most touching night that money can't buy happiness and that the happiness is attained from that which is

Peace, Light and Love,

C. Om said...

A great illustration of this truth. And if this woman had chosen to simply be happy about what she has as opposed to crying about what she doesn't, she would feel all the love she wants. Thanks Cordie. :-)

Anonymous said...

marvelous!! u presented the fact so well. luvd it..... We all know the fact that the best things in world are absolutely's just that we forget it... a nice reminder!! Thanks!