The Quiet Majesty

Can you feel it?

The quiet majesty that is always with you. It is always with you and yet you will not notice it unless you are there with yourself.

You will be unable to feel or acknowledge it unless you are willing to become aware that you have awareness. Becoming conscious of your consciousness, you will become aware of your own presence.

This is the presence that is always with you. This is the presence before your personality. It is the space that allows your personality to exist. This presence is the true essence of you.

This is the silence before any thought or emotional impression. It is the silence that allows such things to rise and subside with in it. This silence is the true essence of you.

This silent presence, once truly felt and acknowledged, feels very peaceful, calm, confident, regal, and majestic. This is the Quiet Majesty within. This majestic silence is you.

The Only Thing

When I was grade school age, I first heard the riddle, "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" I was (and still am) very logical and scientific about the way I saw things. I thought, "Of course it makes a sound! Duh! What kind of riddle is that? Even if no one's around, the moving air and impact on the earth would make a sound!"

I realized after a shift in perspective how things really work. The production of sound requires 3 things: A source, a medium, and a receiver. The source creates a series of pressure waves. These pressure waves travel through various mediums including water, air, and solids. The receiver collects and converts these pressure waves into electrical impulses. If you remove any of the 3 requirements for sound, there is no sound.

In the vacuum of outer space there is no medium for sound wave travel, therefore, no sound. In the absence of a receiver in the woods, the falling tree only produces a series of pressure waves.

This is an issue many scientists, and people in general overlook. There is no science without an observer, and yet the observer is often left out of equations and theories. Everyday people also overlook the fact that they see the world from their eyes alone. People influence what they see by what they think and how they feel about it.

Everything you can possibly conceive of in all creation and even imagination, all have one thing in common. Even more, this one thing is the only thing that is ever really real to us. It is all we experience and allows us to conceive of, and perceive the world the way we do.

This only thing is consciousness. Without consciousness, nothing would be perceived or experienced. Nothing would exist without attention paid to it. If eyes were never part of our anatomy, light would not exist for us. Consciousness gives birth and meaning to all experience. If something can not be experienced, acknowledged, measured, or otherwise observed, how can it possibly exist to us?

It's the only thing that there really is. If you can really appreciate that, life is sweet!

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The Contrast

"It's all good!"

This phrase, though used all the time, is often not understood in it's fullest and most true meaning. The wisdom behind it is timeless and has literally been around forever presenting itself in many philosophies and perspectives, but they are still just words. Because words can't give you the exact experience behind them, the true meaning is often lost.

How the hell could everything really be good?! It sounds crazy from a lot of perspectives. We've got poverty all over the world, war, natural disasters destroy places like Haiti, and lots of misery and suffering in peoples daily lives. So how can anyone in their right mind say, "It's all good?"

One answer is 'contrast.' What are your favorite stories, movies, or books? Take a second and think of one. There's no doubt the story you are thinking of has a person or people who are being affected by horrible events or circumstances. If there was no trouble, there would be no story.

As simple as the idea of contrast is, it can sometimes be difficult to see the things we don't like as the things that give value to the things we do like. Literally, if there was no 'bad', there could be no 'good'. Just as with all opposites, they are indivisible.
  • If darkness did not exist, light would not be perceivable because it would be a constant.
  • If silence did not exist, sound would not be perceivable because it would be a constant.
  • If pain did not exist, pleasure would not be perceivable because it would be a constant.
  • Etc...
When you realize you can't have one side of a coin without the other, then you can see both sides as one coin. A coin with everything you love on one side, and everything you fear on the other. If you labeled this coin, the name could have no opposite since the coin is both sides. If you appreciate the coin as a whole (even though you don't really care for one side) then "it's all good." With this perspective, you can not only feel better, but more effectively change things you don't like.

Because there will always be some kind of a contrast in life, it's our choice to accept it and choose to focus on the part we like. What is focused on expands in your experience.

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Zero is Nothing AND Everything

"Nothing from nothing leaves nothing." As common place as the idea is, zero is truly an amazing concept. It has qualities no other number possesses. In terms of what it represents and how it fits together with everything else, it has a lot of the qualities that people attribute to God.

The number zero that we are accustomed to, came into existence rather late, around 200 A.D. (centuries after the great Classical Greek Period, which can arguably be called the origin of the modern mathematics). The number zero as we know it was conceived by the Hindus from India. The Hindus were the first to recognize a mathematical representation of concept of no quantity. It had not occurred to earlier civilizations, even to the Greeks, that it would be useful to have a number which represents the absence of any objects.

Zero has long been philosophized about because the nature of nothing, or no-thing, is paradoxical in nature. Just as the nature of a Higher Power, zero is everywhere and no where at the same time. Here are some of the rules for how zero is used mathematically. Notice the same can be said for Consciousness.
  • The sum of zero and a negative number is negative.
  • The sum of zero and a positive number is positive.
  • The sum of zero and zero is zero.
  • The sum of a positive and a negative is their difference; or, if they are equal, zero.
  • A positive or negative number when divided by zero is a fraction with the zero as denominator.
  • Zero divided by a negative or positive number is either zero or is expressed as a fraction with zero as numerator and the finite quantity as denominator.
  • Zero divided by zero is zero.
Zero is neither negative or positive, or it is both. Zero is at the center of infinity. Zero has always been, is right now, and always will be. It is always there added or subtracted from anything that you see. The most important numeric value to mankind has no numeric value.

For more on this and similar concepts, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!

Be Mine

"Be mine, Valentine."
From these words alone, we can already see the dysfunction in the traditional view of romance.

The concept of possession is an extension of a person's identity. If an object belongs to you, in some way, shape, or form, it is an attachment. It becomes part of the ego identity. This is why all possessions are able to bring pleasure or pain.

Somehow, unconditional love has gotten all confused with attachment and possession. This gives rise to the illusion of a lack of love or feelings that oppose love. Love is our nature. There is no opposite or lack unless we are looking through the warped perception of the ego mind. It is only here that any loved one can be or do anything for us to feel a lack of love for them.

When we say, "Be mine," we are setting up a condition that will result in us feeling bad if it is not met. This condition says if you are mine and you stick to the concept I have in my mind of what it means to be mine, everything is great. But if you are not mine, then I will not love you and because I am still attached to you, I will feel pain. How crazy is that?

When we can let go and just love unconditionally, we are free.

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Can You Feel It?

I can feel it.

Feeling is part of your perception. You can really only use your perception in the present moment. When people acknowledge that they can feel something, they are being conscious.

My definition of conscious is being aware of being aware. In other words, if you can take notice of yourself taking notice of anything; you are conscious.

Have you ever noticed that when you feel something you may experience it and not actually acknowledge that you experience it? For example, you may be wearing very comfortable clothing or shoes. You can completely overlook the fact that these garments are being felt by you right now because they are very easy on your body. But reading this or maybe someone else giving you a compliment on what you are wearing may bring your awareness back to the fact that you are feeling your clothes all the time and that you are simply overlooking it. When you have the awareness that allows you to feel the light sensation of the clothes on your skin; you are conscious of your clothes in that moment.

'I can feel it,' is a statement of consciousness even if the person saying it is not conscious that they are being conscious. When this is the case, I call it 'unconscious consciousness.'

When people acknowledge that they can feel something, they are being in the present moment (whether they are conscious of it or not). Just as illustrated above, you can be in contact with something and not really feel it. This is because your mind is preoccupied with thought. You are not truly there in the moment. Your attention must be there for you to really feel it. Since anything that you feel must be touching you at the time you feel it; anything you feel is in the present moment.

You can feel with more than physical contact. Touch is only one of our sense perceptions. Bringing more awareness to what you are aware of enhances your consciousness. When you bring more awareness to your perception as a whole, you can really feel the present moment and everything in it that you give your attention to.

You can feel it.

Who Hears Your Prayers?

You can go down a long list of world religions from the past to the present and one thing you will find most of them have in common is the practice of prayer. Have you ever really noticed this? It is pretty noteworthy since, religions tend to differ on so many other issues.

Regardless of the differences in how the prayer is carried out, essentially prayer in any faith or religion, is a conversation between you and the Higher Power. Why has the act of communication with a Higher Power transcended time and culture to be part of mankind's spiritual practice for thousands of years? It is because it works on one level or another.

Who hears our prayers? The person praying expects God to hear their prayers. But who said God was listening? What they do not tell you in most religions and faiths, is that the reason why prayer feels good and does often work is because the Higher Power is always in your presence. That is why we expect 'Him' to hear our prayers.

How can 'God' always be in our presence? Most people's idea of God is a being who is omnipresent and omnipotent. 'He' is everywhere and knows everything. You as an individual happen to be everywhere also. The only difference is that you are only everywhere that you go. Since you are everywhere that you go and God is everywhere in general, it stands to reason that God is always in your presence.

To take it a step further, you could even realize that God is your very presence. The consciousness that animates you; the essence that observes, lives, and breathes; is the very same Intelligence that hears your prayers. The reason why you are everywhere you go is the same reason why you can pray to God anywhere you go. The Universal Intelligence is always with you and we are all one with it. It only takes the awareness to experience this.

Who hears the prayers the individual self makes? The universal Self hears them. Recognizing that the Source is within you is major.

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True Depth Is Paradoxical

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Life Is Open To Interpretation

I'm sure that everyone can agree that the way a person feels throughout life is what actually determines their experience of life. What a person is exposed to and observes is not nearly as important as how they interpret what they observe. It is the interpretation that will determine the experience of life.

Just as two women can observe a man and have completely different opinions of him and why they do or do not like him; life is open to interpretation. With the right perspective you may make everything in life aid in your experience of a 'good' life.

When you take a good look at yourself, and trace to the source, what it is that dictates how you interpret life situations; you will see that it is a collection of ideas and concepts identified with by your ego. In other words, the part of your psyche that determines your identity is identified with these ideas and concepts just as much, if not more, than you as an individual.

To make this easier to understand; the ego is like a checklist of pros and cons. The ideas of good things happening to us are on the ego's pros list. The ideas of bad things happening to us are on the ego's cons list. It is always directing the mind to stick to the boundaries of theses lists. When things are adding up on the cons list; stress is experienced. When things are stacking up on the pros list; pleasure is the result.

If it were possible to scrap theses lists and have no boundaries for interpreting your life experience; what do you think would be the result? If there is no more good and bad, then what is left?

One thing is for sure. You will no longer suffer from self inflicted stress (which is over 98% of all stress). You would also live more in the present moment because worrying about that checklist no longer takes up so much of your attention and energy.

There are so many possibilities in life. It is the way we choose to interpret our situations that determine our experience. Since we have a choice; let us choose the path of least resistance to life. In other words, accept life. Adapt to life and it will become your greatest friend.

Sense Perception

You gotta look before you can see.
You must listen before you can hear.
You won't experience details not focused upon.
You have to experience before you can know.

If you are watching TV and lost in thought about something else, you miss the show. If you are having a conversation and listening to a song, either the song or the convo doesn't get fully heard.

The amount of things a person can focus on simultaneously can actually grow. It just takes a bit of practice. What your senses can perceive all at once can actually expand way beyond what the average person would even consider. Even beyond the physical senses, we are beings of amazingly infinite potential!

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