The New Money

Did you hear about the new money coming out? Pretty soon everyone will have to switch over to this new currency. It's evolutionary and it's inevitable.

In the same way that, "gray is the new black," or "smart is the new cool;" the new money is your attention. If you think about it, right at this moment, your attention is the most valuable asset you have! Even more true, it's really the only asset you ever have!

The "new" money is exactly the same as the old money in terms of it's power source. There are lots of people who have long since switched over to the new money. The "new" money is not really new. It's alway been there. It was there before money and it will be there after money.

Recognizing that your attention determines your quality of life way beyond any amount of monetary funds effectively minimizes the importance of cash and as a result allows you to have more of it.

You are spending the new money right this second. You are paying attention right now. Start to notice how much you spend and what you spend it on during your everyday. When you pay attention, you always get something in return. What are you getting back? Do you like and enjoy it? If so, you are appreciating your money! If you are paying attention or focusing on what you don't like, you are in a state of lack. Cash money's got nothing to do with it.

So get your money up!

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The Secret

"The Secret" is not really a secret. It is self evident. The secret is the truth we experience every present moment.

What is really more of a secret is the fact that so many people are led to believe in something other than what their experience tells them.

We are told to believe that we are not capable of doing magic and performing super natural feats. We are told that to enjoy life is sinful. We are told that there is a judgmental higher power. We are told to separate ourselves from the higher power and cower in fear.

The real secret is, a person's life can only be seen from their individual perspective and everything that person believes, colors their perspective. If you are seeing life through beliefs that have not been proven by your life experience, you have the choice of holding on to them or letting them go.

The real secret is to let go of all fear based thinking (including fearing God). The real secret is that there is no secret. All you have to do is remove the beliefs coloring your vision to see it.

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Amazing Potential

There's Only One

There's only one power.
There's only one force.
There's only one flow.
There's only one reality that
becomes your one experience.
There's only one NOW.

Is it your friend? Are you cool with it? Are you good with it?
Or is it stressing you out?

Make it your friend.
Enjoy the ride.

You ARE the ONE.

Why Fear the Occult?

Let's talk about it. Hit me in the comments. :-)

Skyscrapers Built On Sand

As a society, we build more castles on sand foundations than a little bit. By today's standards, I guess you could call those 'castles' 'skyscrapers.' In any case, many of the old views, ideologies, concepts, and institutions don't have the same structural strength or fortitude they once had, due to the sands of change shifting their very foundations.

Change, a true constant, is inevitable. You've heard it before. "Nothing lasts forever." This goes for the usefulness in dated ideas too. There are the old ideas of, "going to school to get a good job that you can retire from in fifty years with a gold watch and nice pension." There are also the ideas of, "neighborhood record stores." The sands of change do shift and if you don't move with them, your structure will crumble.

Many institutions and old views claim that there is only one way to go to salvation. There is only one way to go about having a relationship with the Higher Power. Using your logic, it is pretty obvious that there is more than one way. Even looking at the common thread that runs through most faiths, it is obvious that there are many ways to the same Source.

Most of these castles built on sand are fueled by pure dogma. It only take a person aware enough to investigate what is real, as opposed to taking someone's word for it, to stay in the know. To be in the know is to be in the flow of change.

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Flexibility IS Strength

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When you have it, you can't miss it.
When you miss it, you can't have it.

Flexibility Is Adaptability

It is funny how when a lot of people think of something being strong, long lasting, and durable, they often think of something that is solid and rigid. Things like a tank, an elephant, a brick house, etc., are seen in this light. Ironically, true strength and staying power comes with being flexible and being able to adapt to whatever life has to offer.

When you can bend and not break, you may become a master at adapting. This can be seen in the way people and structures may be conditioned to be flexible and therefore successful at adapting to unexpected changes and potential stress. Think about earthquake proof buildings. These are buildings that sway with the turbulence of the very earth they are built on. Think about a master martial artist; able to dodge and avoid any attack. Their very strength comes from their flexibility.

This concept holds true for not only potential physical stress, but also mental. People's ideas of what is right and wrong, good or bad, just and unjust; are like the traditional ideas of physical strength. They are rigid structures easily broken when things do not go as once expected. Morality is relative. It is what helps create the ego identities that are rigid barriers.

The perspective beyond the ego; the Observer; is nothing but flexible. It has no rigid walls that will crumble. Stress or resistance to life situations can not exist with this view. It is beyond shattering. It is shatter proof.

When you stop and look at the fact that nothing can possibly happen without it being allowed to happen by the laws of the universe, you must acknowledge the fact that it all must really be for the best. This is not to say that we can not make changes for the greater good. This is simply to say that we do not have to stress out about what we can not change.

The Serenity prayer articulates this quite perfectly. " God, give me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." These are words to live by. This is a perspective that enables the person who uses it to be flexible and able to adapt to anything.

For more on this and other concepts, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!

Selfless Service

Few have had as much impact upon the American consciousness as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A minister and passionate advocate for civil rights through non-violent action, he was the closest this country has come to producing a leader with the universal awareness and understanding of Mahatma Gandhi. Both men embodied the wisdom to accept and adapt to the circumstances of their environment to bring about massive changes with in it.

King was a visionary with precision vision and the awareness of Self to find his dreams. The fruition of his vision is still coming to pass as Barack Obama's presidential status is still being digested by many.

A being who, in my opinion, was of a higher state of consciousness, King's philosophies of, "Turn the other cheek," "Love thy enemy," and, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do," did not ring true with me as a child. It was not until I had the shift in my consciousness that I was able to see the ultimate truth and resulting power in this kind of perspective.

Forgiveness is such a powerful way to approach a situation of conflict because it is a form of acceptance. It does not fight the situation but allows you to use the situation to your advantage. It also acknowledges the good intention behind every form of behavior and diffuses what would be a continuing elevation of stress on both sides.

To get more in depth on these concepts, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!

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Happy New You!

Happy New Year! Or as I like to say, "Happy Newness!"

The only difference is the fact that the newness can be celebrated at any given moment. The reason for this is any given moment is as new as any other.

People can literally celebrate the rebirth of their own being at any given moment. New Year's resolutions are a big tradition because of this. Many people like to put new goals and new habits into effect at the start of a new year. Once again, this rebirth can be at any given moment.

Even if you can not change your current circumstance, a shift in your perspective of the very same circumstance may help you feel and appreciate the newness of the moment. Like a phoenix rising from the flaming and charred ashes; perspective will allow you to be reborn in any and all situations. Experience the new you.

Happy New You!