The Last Shall Be First

I'm the last person to advocate religion in general. Although what I frequently speak of has everything to do with a higher power, it is generally in the context of a universal appeal and not segmented by religious views. Dogma can be quite limiting and suffocating to true spiritual growth.

On the other hand, I can see the element of truth in each and every single faith. Though later he was often misinterpreted, Jesus Christ for example, spread undeniable truth to the world. I'm sure most people have heard the phrase by Jesus stating, "The truth shall set you free." Indeed, no matter how you interpret this, I'm sure most agree.

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus declares that in the world to come, “The last shall be first and the first last.” Now, I don't claim to know exactly what he meant by this statement, but one thing that came to me recently was this phrase exactly describes the way we perceive our own senses.

Our inner senses are often ignored. Most people are taught and conditioned to only validate what their five physical senses tell them is real and everything else is swept under the rug of coincidence and impossibility. In other words, the five senses are always first in priority.

"Extra" sensory perception (ESP, which actually includes many other senses we posses besides the physical five) is often called the sixth sense. The 'sixth' senses and the latent abilities we posses will soon be out from under the rug and gain acknowledgment over the physical five. The 'sixth' sense or last senses to be recognized will become the first.

To illustrate, check this out:
We all have the ability to see with our mind's eye. As a matter of fact, the mind's eye is all we ever do see with! Whether the input signal is coming from the physical eyes or the imagination, all vision is experienced through the mind's eye, a.k.a, the third eye. The third eye is actually the first eye. The two physical eyes are secondary. Even a person with no physical vision is able to use their mind's eye!

In the world to come, a major paradigm shift will literally have us putting first what we used to consider last. The inner world and senses will be prioritized over exterior.

The last shall be first.

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Realizing Life

Ever been indoors for a while and have the urge to go out and get some fresh air? It can feel great to get a quick change of scenery, break up some daily monotony, or just to feel the breeze.

Ever think about the fact that when your outdoors, you are still always inside?

No matter where you are, where you have been, or any where possible that you may go, you are still always inside.
Inside what? You are always within your field of perception, your perspective, your window to the worlds. This window gives you a great view of your exterior world and of the world with in.

You start realizing life to much greater degrees when you can see that the outside world only exists to us because we are always inside. In other words, there is no outside. Both what we perceive out here and with in are created and experienced with in.

Just as the dream and the dreamer; one can not exist with out the other; leading us to understand that with out you, there is no "out there!"

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