You Scared? Have No Fear

Fear, pain, and stress are almost synonymous. They are all resistance to what reality is right now. They are all ways for us to interpret the experience we are having in that moment as something that should not be. They are all defensive modes of being that are actually there to protect us. Think about it yourself. Don't take my word for it.

Think about you own experience of fear. What is it really? What does it come from? What is the relationship with pain? What is the relationship to stress?

Here is an excerpt from What Is Really Good? on the topic:
The root of all stress is fear. Of course fear is a survival instinct. It is imprinted on the design of your ego (your sense of 'I') to motivate you to take protective action.

This is true for both physical and mental stress. Physical stress is
physical pain; subtle or blatant. It is a signal that something is wrong and to remove yourself from the situation. Mental stress is mental pain; subtle or blatant. It is a signal that the situation does not meet the ego's definition of well being. In both cases fear is the motivating factor that brings the signal of stress/pain.

Physical fear is always short lived and only comes from a direct physical threat. Mental fear is the real issue. It is at times mistaken for physical fear and it is actually over 99% of the fear you experience. The fear produced by your mind attempting to keep the ego and its many identifications in a state of well being is produced at disproportionate and dysfunctional levels.

Fear is supposed to keep us safe. Problem is, it has gone way past doing for us what it does for the animals. A wild animal gets scared; they fight or take flight. Then it is complete. A person fears about the future and stresses about the past. A person holds on to fear like a ball and chain.

Ironically, the fact that the animal doesn't hold on to the fear after the cause of it, is the same reason that we are so much more advanced. Their minds can not hold the ideas and concepts that ours can. As a result, their egos can not identify with ideas as ours can. Their only sense of identity is their physical selves and maybe offspring. Our egoic identity spreads as far as our concepts and ideas can take us. My stuff, my money, my house, my country, my business, etc. Our fear is magnified by the identifications.

To live without fear; live without stress; and minimize all physical pain is not as far off as you might think. As a matter of fact, you hold the key right now. It just needs some attention.

Learn how to be free of all fear. Read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!

Who Told You To Move?

Quick scenario: You are standing at an intersection that you want to cross. The traffic lights are not in your favor. You decide to cross anyway.

Who told you to move? How did you know it was OK for you to cross that street? Sounds like a question almost too obvious to answer, right? You'd be surprised!

This simple scenario happens billions of times a day around the world in varying levels of complication and with all kinds of situations. To simplify a little bit; a majority of the decisions we make; we are either going with what we know or we are going with what we are told.

The way so many of us were raised in this society was to follow the old tradition. Obey the law. Stay in line. Keep your head down. Don't make waves. Don't question authority. There are dozens, if not hundreds of things that we do as a society that is only done because our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents did them.

I'm not advocating throwing everything that we continue to do out the window. We build upon the strengths and innovations of those who came before us. What I am advocating is the awareness not to take everything at face value. I am talking about the awareness to scrutinize a situation or concept and see it from the perspective of the present moment. To be able to remove the old labels others have given it and see it right now, through your own eyes.

The traffic light is the 'what you have been told'. It is the news. It is the government. It is religion. It is all the beliefs identified with by the egoic mind. It is only an idea of what is.

You crossing the street came from a different place. You crossed the street because you were in the moment. You were present enough to look at your surroundings and feel that there was no threat or danger in crossing that street. Nobody had to tell you a thing. You observed what it was for yourself.

Your own perception over external sources of information is the morale of the story. Don't speculate. Investigate. Don't even take my word for it. Test it for yourself before you take it as truth. You will find that there is so much more to you than you might realize right now.

Read What Is Really Good? to find out more.
Stay tuned!

Why So Serious?

Though it's one of the best lines of this past summer's blockbuster movie, "The Dark Knight;" "Why so serious," is also a really good question that most people might like to ask themselves.

Why do we take certain things so seriously? What is it about those particular topics that gets us so worked up and stressed out?

A lot of times we can take a step back and say to ourselves, "Is it really that serious?" or even know right from the jump that, "It's not that serious."

So really; why so serious? If you look at your own 'serious' reactions and those of others you know; you will see that it is always the things that people are ego identified with that brings the stress into the picture. In other words, it’s always a concept or idea that has become part of that person's identity which raises all the hell for them.

To illustrate this; everything that Tim considers his, is what he is ego identified with. His car, his house, his job, his wife, his bills, his retirement fund, etc. If anyone of these things is lost, comes into jeopardy, or is even slightly threatened; Tim's very identity comes under fire. Why so serious, Tim?

This just goes to show you the power the ego has over our minds until we are totally aware of it. Once we start operating above the ego, our minds are free. We are free to be sharper and more intuitive. We are even free to cultivate and protect what we know to be ours. The difference is that the chains of stress and the burden of bondage and attachment will no longer bog us down.

Life is no where near as serious as the ego makes it out to be. As a matter of fact, that seriousness is only a mental construct fueled by the ego. It does not really exist except in your head!

Life is meant to be lived. If there is anything at all stressing you right now; think about what's good right now. You may see that the source of the stress is but a thought and that it's really not that serious.

To find out how to chill out and let the stress go; stay tuned to the blog and read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!

Are You Exactly Where You Should Be?

The majority of people in the world today would answer this question with a resounding, "NO." As a result, the majority of people in the world are not totally happy and are no where near their potential.

The feeling of unfulfillment from not being where you think you could, should, or would be; is all the result of what you think! It is the idea of what isn't happening for you right now that is causing all the stress.

If you think you should be making more money or you would rather be living in another place; you are in resistance to what is. If you think that your friend, your spouse, significant other, or your child should be a lot more of the way you think they could be; you are in resistance to what is. If you think you should have a better job, a better house, or a better car; you are in resistance to what is.

When I say resistance to what is; it is not a call for complacence or to settle for less. It is more of a call for you not to be in denial of your reality. Once what is, is accepted and adapted to; it leaves the space for true change to take place. Without acceptance; adaptation is impossible.

True change can only be affected when you acknowledge what is and move with it. Could you walk or drive without acknowledging your terrain? You probably could for a moment. After that, you would have taken a fall, if walking. If driving; you would have caught a bad accident. Being in the moment and acknowledging life in the present is the best and only way to truly adapt to what is.

As a result of not holding on to the heavy baggage of what "should be," you are free to adapt to the present; uncovering the gift that it truly is.

Are you exactly where you should be? YES! If you take this attitude to heart; you will find a new freedom in life that was always there. It was simply covered by the ideas of what "should be."

Are you exactly where you should be? YES! How can you argue with reality? If you believe in a higher power; how can it be wrong? If you do not believe in a higher power; how can your philosophy or perspective be wrong? No matter how you look at life; there is an order to the way things work. If you are not exactly where you are supposed to be; then your perspective of everything else you know is wrong.

Are you exactly where you should be? YES! And now that you realize this; you can really be where you are so that you may affect true change. You do not have to be stuck in the past. You do not have to be anxious about the future. You can be here now. You can enjoy right now. You can make change right now. If not now; then when?

Are you exactly where you should be? Hell yeah!

Read What Is Really Good?

It's A Celebration!!

Life is a celebration. It doesn't feel like it most of the time to most people. If it doesn't feel like it to you; have you ever wondered why?

To give a short and simple answer; people are either in resistance or acceptance of life. To be in resistance is to be stuck in concepts and ideas of what things should be. To be in acceptance is to be in the moment observing and adapting.

To be in full on adapt mode is to be in such a high form of acceptance that everything becomes a celebration. You know that feeling you get when you just won something important? If you just got your way with any major life situation or had some type of financial windfall, there is a feeling of exhilaration that goes beyond total acceptance. Gratitude, excitement, and joy are higher forms of acceptance. These are also the feelings of celebration.

The unfolding of every passing second is a celebration. The way a bird is soaring through the air is a celebration. The way a tree sways in the wind is a celebration. The rhythm of your feet on the ground as you walk is a celebration.

It's a feeling of not being able to lose. It is literally all win. No matter what happens; it's good. It is a feeling of being so in tune with what is, that you always make the right move.

My experience of allowing life to be the celebration that it is, is constantly growing. You could be here too. Check out What Is Really Good? and stay tuned to the blog.
I leave you with a short excerpt from my next book.

Realizing that you are the stillness that allows all movement to exist; all movement becomes poetry in motion.
Realizing that you are the space that allows all form to exist; all form becomes majestic.
Realizing that you are the silence that allows all sound to exist; all sound takes on a new definition.


Happiness Is A Mere Thought Away

I have good news for you!

The only difference between you being as happy as you ever possibly could, and how you are right now, is how you are feeling.

Sounds a bit obvious, huh? Well it is common sense. But you know what they say; "Common sense is not common." Most people never give this any thought what-so-ever.

If it were possible for people to feel whatever emotion they wanted for the majority of the time; what do you think most people would choose to be feeling? I guess it's easy to eliminate all the stressful ones like: anger, sadness, bitterness, etc. It would be safe to say people would like to feel peaceful, happy, free, etc.

So is it possible to truly feel how you would want to feel almost whenever you want? Yes. Happiness is a mere thought away. Take away the thought. And focus on right now. The feeling is obtainable. It is always there but is hidden. Once discovered, it only grows.

How you feel has nothing to do with life circumstances. As long as you are not being physically injured; every single moment, the way that you feel is a choice made by you. The problem is that most people do not know how to exercise this choice.

The multi-millionaire with the legal problems might feel worse than the cab driver who lives in the basement apartment. The circumstances are almost irrelevant. It is the perspective that is all important. The way the circumstances are labeled is what dictates how you feel. The cab driver is a thought away from being rich. How he feels right now; he is as wealthy as can be, minus the thought of a huge estate. The multi-millionaire is a thought away from happiness. Although he has all the markings of a rich man; the way he feels right now he might as well be locked up.

A thought or a train of thoughts helps you to feel a certain way if you let it. To be without thought and feel how you feel just observing the present moment is to really allow your self to feel what is as opposed to what you think it is.

Find out what happens when you learn to master thought. Read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned.

I Can't Believe It!!

'I can't believe it,' is one of those phrases that we all are quite familiar with. Ever thought about why we say it? I mean, ever wonder what really causes disbelief?

To figure that one out; we have to take a look at what a belief is. What is it really to believe? defines believe as: To exercise belief in; to credit upon the authority or testimony of another; to be persuaded of the truth of, upon evidence furnished by reasons, arguments, and deductions of the mind, or by circumstances other than personal knowledge; to regard or accept as true; to place confidence in; to think; to consider; as, to believe a person, a statement, or a doctrine.

So in order to believe something; we have to take somebody else's word for it. A belief is something that a person has been persuaded to take as truth. It has nothing to do with first hand knowledge or experience. To know something and to believe something are altogether entirely different.

To believe requires the mind. It requires the super advanced computer of intellect to weigh the evidence presented and make a judgment call. Trouble with this is; the mind is usually under control of the primitive ego. The ego identifies with beliefs making them part of your identity. So many people have made part of their identity something that is not part of their true life experience.

The egoic mind is not involved with raw experience. It is not involved with true knowledge. You gain true knowledge through raw experience. It is the egoic mind that then interprets this experience. To illustrate this; notice the weather. You can see a weather forecast and choose to believe it or not. That is a judgment call on your mind's behalf. When you go outside; it is not your mind that tells you it is hot and hazy out there. It is the pure sensory experience. This is true knowledge. Nobody can convince you otherwise because it is first hand experience.

So what about 'not believing it'? When people say that they, "can't believe it;" they are speaking the pure truth. Notice than when people can't believe something; it is usually a first hand experience. If it is not first hand, it is from a source that is known to be factual. The reason this phrase stands up to its literal meaning is; if you experience something, you do not have to believe it. You know it. Belief only gets in the way at that point.

When people can not believe something; they have the experience of something that their mind did not expect. Once again; belief is in the mind. This could be something they think is extremely good. It could be something thought of as horrible. Nevertheless, it is an experience that surpasses all expectations of the egoic mind.

'I can't believe it,' is a phrase of that confirms that we are more than our minds. We have perception and experience that can leave the mind behind. The mind is a tool used for making judgments, after all. Without our perceptual abilities; there would be nothing to judge.

Do you believe me? It does not matter. I do not want to persuade or convince you of anything. I want you to see for yourself. It is the only way to truly know.

For a more in depth explanation of these concepts; read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned to this blog.

Who Are You?

Today I will be asking more questions than giving answers. The point is for you to come to your own conclusions and not take my word for it. You are the best person to answer these questions after all.

Are you the person you see when you look in the mirror? If so, how can it also be you in those pictures from years ago? And would you be a different person after reconstructive surgery?

Are you the constant thought stream that goes through your mind most of the time? If so, who is listening to those thoughts?

Are you your personality? If so, how is it possible for you to change your personality as you age and mature?

Are you your memories? If so, do you become a different person if you get amnesia?

Are you your desires, hopes, and dreams? If so, then are you still you when these things change?

If you feel that you are still you regardless of any changes; you are almost forced to ask yourself, "What is it about me that does not change?"
When you come to a conclusion about that common denominator about you that remains constant from birth until death; you are really starting to uncover the mystery that is your true identity.

With this discovery comes tremendous power and your potential rises exponentially. This is the beginning of an awakening.

If you really want the answers to these questions and more; read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned to yourself and this blog.

Love, Live, Life!!!

"I'm Just Happy To Be Here!"

Have you ever been watching TV or listening to the radio and you hear, "I'm just happy to be here!” from one of your favorite stars or accomplished people. Chances are; you have heard this phrase spoken many times by many people in your life.

Have you ever noticed that it is always people on top of their field that you hear saying this? It is not a coincidence. It is not just something to say that sounds good in an interview. It is not a feeling gained after having gotten to the position they are in. It is actually the feeling that got them there.

When you realize the more adaptive and flexible you are to life situations; the further you will get in anything you set out to do; then it makes perfect sense why these stars and leaders in their fields made it to the level that they did.

'Being happy to be here' brings with it the power to move through obstacles. It is acceptance of what is. It is the ability to be without stress because you remain in the present moment. Stress only exists for you when dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Stress is basically resistance to what is.

Don't take my word for it. Use your own sense of knowing. If somebody is unhappy doing what they have to do while approaching a goal; would they become happy just because they reached their goal? Chances are they would be happy for a brief period and then go back to feeling the way they usually do.

Being happy just to be, is the way to be.

Love Is Our Nature

What is love? The word love is one of life's great concepts that words can not express. It is interpreted differently by different people. We all have the experience of love though. For some it is an abundance of over flowing sensations. For others there may be a feeling of lack when they relate their experience of love. In either and any case, we as conscious beings have some idea of love.

I have realized that love is our natural state. It is where we came from. It is always there through out our existence. It is where we return. We only deviate from this natural feeling that ranges from contentment to bliss and ecstacy when our egoic mind fills our awareness with content.

This can be illustrated by the way cared for infants are usually very happy and easily amused at the slightest things. This is also illustrated in anyone who is able to stop the mind chatter that is so common among us and just be. The peace that is experienced is not something aquired, but simply uncovered.

Love being our nature may even be illustrated by people who are misguided by the egoic mind. At the root of every single thought and action is a good intention. This good intention is a desire for peace and love (which are really synonymous). You may or may not agree. That is fine. But think about something that you did in the past that you wish you had not or would choose to take back. If you think about your motivation for doing whatever it was, you may find that at the root of whatever self gratification may have been there; there was a desire for some kind of peace. The satisfaction you were trying to achieve is an intention to gain peace and love.

The egoic mind searches for love for its individual identity. The universal mind, free of the ego's control, searches for a way to reveal the love that is always there to everybody. Share the wealth; share the love, is the idea.

This is further explained in depth in the book What Is Really Good?
Can you feel the love? Stay tuned.

What is ISness?

This may sound like an odd question to some, but it is simply asking what is it to be in existence right now. What is it exactly to be in a state described by the verb is? What is isness?

Well is is the third person singular of the present tense of be. The fact that is is a verb that requires no action sets it apart from most other verbs. To be described as is is simply to exist. To simply exist requires no story, labels, judgment, or conclusion. Also, is is only ever accurately used in the present moment. In other words; is=now as was=the past and will be=the future.

The reason for the question and resulting english lesson, is because we all have that element of isness in our lives. To be more precise; life is. Life can never be in the past. Life can never be in the future. Life only exists in the present moment as isness. Everything beyond that is a construct of the mind. If there is anything in your life that can not be described as is, it is not real at the moment. No matter how sure you are of it being a was or a will be, if it is not an is, then it is an idea that is not happening now.

Can you feel the isness of the moment? Can you feel the isness of your awareness? Can you feel the isness of all that you perceive? This "isness" is a still and silent all pervasive presence. It is only noticeable as you become still and silent yourself. This is a stillness of the mind. If you are not tuned into it, you miss it almost altogether.

To illustrate this all pervasive isness, picture this scenario.
The whole world is and always has been submerged. The sea level is above that of the highest mountain peak on earth. We are around because we evolved and breathe in water as fish do. If we had never ventured to leave the ocean floor, would we know what it is to be wet? Would the concepts of wet and dry even exist to us?

If you can picture that scene, you may have an idea of what I'm referring to. The isness of our lives and our reality is always there and all pervasive just like the water in the scenario. It takes a certain amount of self awareness to acknowledge that which can not be detected with the five senses. Still the mind though, and you can feel the presence. You can feel the isness.

What's Done Is Done

People often carry around stress due to regretting something about the past. People also often hold up particular past incidents as the reason for current circumstances and their resulting unfulfillment.

When you really stop to think about it; all of that dissatisfaction and regret is created by no one but the person who experiences it. It is really only the idea of things not being right that causes all the stress.

As far as the past goes; it is just a story. This story could be any infinite amount of situations to bring you to the current state of things. The story is not important. As a matter of fact it is worthless. It is the raw experience that is important. The experience is what people truly know. Everything else is added interpretation. Everything else is relative. The fact that they perceived or observed what they did is absolute. The fact that the situation or circumstance was witnessed is then interpreted, coloring their experience and writing the story behind it.

The classic hip-hop lyric by Rakim stating, "It ain't where you from. It's where you at," is an absolute truth. What is important is right now. The past is a memory. It is just an idea. Only the present moment can affect change.

If you can with draw your attention from the constant stream of thought and fully acknowledge right now; you will have a totally new experience. You will feel the fact that today is a new day.

Stay tuned to the blog and stay tuned to the present moment!

Adapting = Acceptance

A very simple (and yet complicated) way to be happy and eliminate all stress and suffering from life, is to be able to adapt to any and every thing that you come across.

Accepting life in all circumstances and situations eliminates that underlying current of stress that people drag around with them on a day to day basis. When people are not regretting past decisions or past experiences; they do not carry the stress from the past. When people are not anxious about the future; the future is open to infinite possibilities. When people are able to live in the moment as opposed to thinking, "should have, would have, or could have," all the time; the present becomes a gift.

A lot of people don't like the word acceptance. Surrender is one people like even less. Don't get caught up with the words. It is the experience you must become familiar with. When you adapt to anything, you are in full acceptance of it.

To be in full acceptance not only feels great; it is what makes great, successful people great. You will not find an accomplished or successful person around who is not a master of adapting to a situation or circumstance. From your favorite athlete to your most esteemed scientist or doctor; acceptance as adaptation to perceived reality is at the base of their greatness.

'Adapt' is also accurate when you know how primitive the ego is and that the next step in consciousness is literally a step in our evolution. The human ego is as primitive as a primate. It is the human mind that is extremely advanced. Because the ego, all too often, is in control of the mind; it causes the self inflicted stress that most of us suffer from.

Learning to adapt is the key to happiness. Thus the u.r.l. for this blog is 'adapt2whatis.' Once this is mastered, the human mind is no longer dysfunctional. With the ego and it's identification with what is good and what is bad in check; the mind is free from stress and your true identity and potential may be recognized and reached.

More on this in the book What Is Really Good? and this blog.

Stay tuned!


What is dogma? Wikipedia defines dogma as the established belief or doctrine held by a religion, ideology or any kind of organization, thought to be authoritative and not to be disputed, doubted or diverged from.

Dogma exists and thrives because most people personally identify with their beliefs. In other words; these beliefs become their identity. The ego attaches the same or even greater value than your physical life, to these beliefs.

More people than ever are awakening their consciousness; but dogma is still a real issue among most. In fact, I'm willing to bet that you know one or several people that will not even investigate or entertain the thought of anything that deviates from their beliefs.

The vast truth of their beings, of which they really are; is being overlooked. The person they think they are is being challenged. This ego identity does not want to let go of them. It is threatened because when they really start to see who they are and how it makes the former person they thought they were incomparable to their true essence; the ego is gone. In the time this awareness is held; the ego can not exist.

Dogma is the ego’s way of blindly grabbing hold to an identity for dear life. It is the opposite of using your own sense of perception to come to a conclusion. It is a path of denial of one’s true self.

Forget about what you heard. Belief is not required to know something. Belief is required to trust in someone else's conclusion or interpretetation of reality. This includes what I am saying as well. It is always up to you to put the information to the test. Apply the concepts to see if they hold any weight. It’s not about what you heard. It's about what you feel.

Stay tuned!

Overlooking Ourselves

We overlook ourselves so much of the time; it is "crazy!" To be more precise, we overfeel over selves.

To illustrate this; put your right hand up about 8 to 10 inches in front of your right eye. Then look at it. You can then shift your focus to the left. Look at anything else in your field of vision. Once you are completely focused on something else, you will notice that you barely see your hand anymore. It becomes part of your peripheral vision and can easily be ignored.

What I mean about "overfeeling" your self is how we often can feel the presence of others, but tend not to feel our own presence. It's like you not feeling the shirt on your back right now until you just read this sentence.

When you are in the moment; when you are not possessed by the constant mind chatter that is so common among us humans; you are able to feel your own presence. You will experience heightened perception.

Stay tuned!

You Already Know

Have you ever come across new information that you felt you some how knew already? It is as if the new info is just a confirmation of what you already knew but forgot.

When I used to read success strategy and other kinds of self help books, there would also be a high resonance with most of the info. It was as if one part of me was reminding the other what was forgotten.

This feeling of already knowing something is also felt when meeting people at times. You may have met someone who you felt so familiar with or somebody that you felt so comfortable with.

In both cases, this sense of already knowing is because of the resonance with our true selves. We have more sense perceptions than the 5 that we are so familiar with. When you are not bogged down with excessive thinking, you can pick up "vibes" from people and knowledge you come across.

Think about your life experiences. I'm sure you have felt certain things in the past that were unexplainable and yet right on point. That "gut feeling" is no fluke.

You already know.


What is freedom? What does it mean to you?

I know what 'freedom' means to me. You may or may not agree. This is one of life's great concepts that words can not express. Feelings in general are among the most difficult for words to express.

Freedom is a feeling that words can not express. As a result, freedom is open to your interpretation. It can and will be defined by you alone. Everybody has their own experience.

“I wish I could give you this feeling!” is the reason we coined this word (among others) to begin with.

Whatever your definition of freedom is, you are free to pursue it. The fastest way to feel freedom is to be without thoughts. There are no limits, restrictions, or worries at all. Even if just for a brief moment; in that moment you are more alive and totally free.

I'm free. I feel free. I am feedom. Let me show you how to be free. Stay tuned to the blog and read the book What Is Really Good?

Words Can Not Express...

What's the word?

'Love' is a word, among many others, that has a general meaning to it. There is an idea behind it that is vague and general enough to use the word in conversation or even address a mass audience and the listener or listeners will feel they know what the speaker is referring to.

In reality, 'love' is one of those concepts that may be interpreted differently by every listener who hears the word.
• Freedom
• Success
• Good
• Bad
• Cool

This list of words can all replace 'love' in the first paragraphs. Words can not adequately capture the true meaning behind life's big concepts. As a result, people can think they are communicating while never actually really knowing what the other felt.

Words are like statues that are supposed to represent the real living, breathing feeling and emotion. They are way to open to interpretation to be effective.

Words are sign posts. Do not get stuck on the words. Look where the words are pointing.

This is good to remember for previous and all future posts.

Stay tuned.

How Do You Know?

Alot of people take true knowledge for granted. We often mistake ideas and concepts we have learned and really identified with as true knowledge even though there is only circumstantial evidence. This type of knowledge requires an aspect of belief.

In reality, we know only through perceptual experience. All other knowledge is purely conceptual. True knowledge is experienced. It is experienced by you directly. It can also be experienced indirectly by people you observe. We can and do gain true knowledge by other people's findings and mistakes.

A teacher teaches not by simply presenting new information to a student. The teacher makes the student put this information to use; to test out the info to see if it works. The concept + application of the concept = knowledge of the concept.

Think about all that you know right now. How much of it is true knowledge? How much of it is purely theoretical or conceptual?

You will come to your own conclusions. I know for a fact that everything that you really know has been applied by you or someone you observed directly. All else can be chalked up as you believing and not really knowing.

I Can't Wait

I wouldn't imagine there are too many people around who have not heard the phrase, "I can't wait," uttered many times in their life by others, if not themselves. Of course it is usually followed by a certain event or circumstance.
"I can't wait until I get my raise."
"I can't wait to get out of debt."
"I can't wait to get you home tonight."
You get the picture.

The funny thing is, if you ever really gave any attention to the validity of this phrase, you could almost laugh at how popular it is. If you really observe it, you will realize that the only thing the person expressing the phrase, will do, ... is wait. They are actually waiting as they are verbally saying that they can't.

'I can't wait' is more accurately expressed as, 'I don't want to wait.'
'I don't want to wait' is more accurately expressed as 'I don't want the present moment. I don't want right now. I don't accept this reality; I want that one.' This is why people do not enjoy being anxious.

Anxiety is a form of resistance to what is. It is a denial of circumstances. It is a rejection of the present. It is self inflicted stress. It is not a favorable feeling.

The good news is; it is completely avoidable. The only reason that a person feels that they ‘can't wait’ is the attachment to an idea of how they want things to be.

If you can stop thinking about how you want it and enjoy the gift that the present truly is, the anxiety is gone.

Much more on this in later posts and in the book, "What Is Really Good?"

Why I Started This Blog

I have had a tremendous awakening. It is more of an indescribable experience that is hard to capture in words. The concept of a spiritual awakening has never been foregin to me because of the conscious atmosphere and teachings my parents exposed me to as a child. It is, on the other hand, an entirely different existence when this knowledge goes from just conceptual, to your experience of life.

As a result of this all pervasive paradigm shift, I have a level of clarity to fulfill my purpose and share with all who will listen, the rewards of knowledge of self, adaptability to what is, and the power of your focus. A life free from any kind of stress is worth sharing.

Label me as you wish, but I am not asking you to believe anything that I say. The observations, insights, and revelations I will be speaking about have been my own personal experience even if at times the catalyst for the experience was another person. In the majority of theses posts, it is best to use your own senses, experience, and intuition to determine the validity. In other words, don't take my word for it; use your common sense.

I started this blog to spread the light of conscious consciousness as far and wide as I can right now. My own experience is still expanding, but with what I know right now, I can literally help you to never suffer again.

Much more to come. For now I leave you with an excerpt from my book, "What Is Really Good?"

The conscious awareness varies in degrees; more dominant at times and more subtle at others. I know that I can never return to a state of total unconsciousness where my awareness is not present.

When I'm in a higher degree of awareness, I can feel the utter sacredness of everything. It is a sensation of being aware of your own vision and senses while simultaneously feeling there is a greater force, presence, or power that is seeing through your eyes and operating your body. The result is an experience of heightened perception. The world is viewed with a new wonder and everything seems brand new as if you are truly seeing things for the first time. There is a new appreciation for nature and everything else for that matter. You realize the beauty usually looked over and the simple everyday miracles that are all around; the stunning display of color in flowers, the way a bird soars through the air, a rainbow in the mist.

The greater force or presence that is noticeably behind your perception during a time of a higher degree of awareness feels pure, exalted, divine, regal, joyful, peaceful, holy, and sacred; and yet none of these words fully describes it. You can't help but feel that everything you lay your eyes on has the same feeling and qualities of sacredness as your true self. Even what you can't see, the very atmosphere, the empty space has this feel about it.

Later I thought, "How can anything that the Infinite lays his eyes on be anything but holy, and sacred?"

As time goes on, the consciousness keeps growing. It arises on it's own without the effort of focusing my awareness. It is becoming a permanent part of my perception. Every single day is a gift.
I see things happen that I know I attracted to me just as a result of being in tune.

There is no suffering, sadness, worry, or dread. There is only a range of feelings from contentment to joy to blissfully ecstatic.

I have continuing insights, revelations, inspiration, and the like. I am constantly seeing the truth in different forms and concepts. I realize that all creative processes and innovations come from that universal intelligence; the space before and after actual thought. Our appreciation for all talent, beauty, heroism, generosity; basically all things considered positive; comes from the universal intelligence through us; whether we are conscious of it or not.

Welcome Everybody

Welcome to What Is Really Good?

What up people? What Is Really Good?! That phrase is used as a greeting in many circles. Beyond that, the title was chosen because it brings to your awareness the process by which we determine if something is good or bad. Don't take my word for it. Ask yourself, "What is good? Really. What does it mean to label something as good or bad?"

This may sound trivial or irrelevant to some at first glance. If given the attention that is needed though, most people will understand that what ever it is in you that determines what is good or bad to you also holds the key to your happiness. If you feel like what's going on in your life right now is good, you are happy. If you feel like what's going on with you right now is bad, you are stressed out in some way.

We will be going into great depth on what it is exactly that sets our standards for what is good and what is bad. I can honestly say from my own experience that you can live a life free from all stress and be at peace and happy all the time.

Stay tuned to this blog for a wealth of wisdom, advice, and many practical ways to make your life a little more like heaven than you knew was possible.

Looking foward to responding to your comments.

-C. Om


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