The Logic of Acceptance

Acceptance is a major life changing perspective and can be used as a tool to dramatically increase the value of your life right now. Regardless of your views on life, religion, science, philosophy, cultures, politics, or any other possible topic, you have almost no choice but to agree to the logic of acceptance. Check it out.

positive + positive = positive (+ and + = +)
Say yes to the yes...... in your perspective and you will enjoy life.

negative + negative = positive ( - and - = +)
Say no to the no...... in your perspective and you will enjoy life.

This is allowance of life situations. This is acceptance. This is adaptation. This is the root of happiness.

positive + negative = negative (+ and - = -)
Say yes to the no...... and in life you will feel pain or stress.

negative + positive = negative (- and + = -)
Say no to the yes...... and in life you will feel pain or stress.

From the teachings of Buddha to your nearest psychologist, it is agreed that the key to peace and happiness in life is to be in acceptance and not resistance to what is. Suffering is indeed a state of mind; and if you can change your mind (train your mind), then you can change your life experience.

This logic is true, mathematically, philosophically, and most importantly, it is true to your experience of life.


David "Shinzen" Nelson said...

Perhaps I've posted this alre=ady...but...

pain x resistance = suffering

pain @ 5 x resistance @ 5 = 25 are off the scale (0-10)

pain @ 5 x resistance @ 0 = zero suffering

pain is inevitable...suffering is is your choice.

Thanks for the other mathematics....

Molly said...

Suffering is a state of mind and you can change your mind. Love it.

And with that it is time to go sit.

Thank you.