What is success?

Of course different people define success differently. One thing that can not be denied by anyone's particular definition of success, is that it involves an experience of fulfilling goals and/or feeling satisfied, happy, and at peace with one's immediate position in life.

Although, in our current society most people are not in a position that they would really call successful; the key to success is not as hard as people make it out to be. First off, many people really have no idea what exactly they want to be (what occupation or role they want to play) in the first place. There is a really simple question you can ask yourself to determine if you are or will be successful.

~"Would you do it for free?"

This simple question can shed light and help bring you into alignment with your current life's purpose and mission. If you would perform the job or service you currently do right now for free for the love of it but are getting paid to do it; this is a perfect example of a win-win situation and an illustration of what it feels like to be in perfect alignment with your current purpose.

Don't take my word for it. Use your own sense... your own intuition. You can scroll backward through every extremely successful person that can come to your mind right now and realize that these people were so passionate and enthusiastic about their field of success that they would have probably been doing it for free!

Knowing this is useful to anyone undecided as to what they should be doing to be successful and feel fulfilled in their occupation. All too often, people let the money decide what they will do for a living as opposed to what their calling may be. It may seem difficult to break out of this money oriented way of looking at things, but ironically, it will put you in a place of total wealth!

Money is an after effect or a result. The source or cause of money is a feeling of wealth. ;-)