The Quiet Majesty

Can you feel it?

The quiet majesty that is always with you. It is always with you and yet you will not notice it unless you are there with yourself.

You will be unable to feel or acknowledge it unless you are willing to become aware that you have awareness. Becoming conscious of your consciousness, you will become aware of your own presence.

This is the presence that is always with you. This is the presence before your personality. It is the space that allows your personality to exist. This presence is the true essence of you.

This is the silence before any thought or emotional impression. It is the silence that allows such things to rise and subside with in it. This silence is the true essence of you.

This silent presence, once truly felt and acknowledged, feels very peaceful, calm, confident, regal, and majestic. This is the Quiet Majesty within. This majestic silence is you.


Rizal Affif said...

It is easier to feel it during meditation or during my times in mountain peak or an empty beach.

Seems to lost in the middle of crowd, because people are sooo noisy :D

I love that silence... doesn't matter if they call me autistic, hahahahaha :D

Mark said...

Very well stated! We are majestic for it is our nature to be.

C. Om said...

I can relate! LOL

Much appreciated!
Mankind and all of creation are fellow royalty. :-)

Unknown said...

All I can really say is, 'Yes'! Thanks for putting it so very clearly :-)

C. Om said...

Much appreciated Doug ;-)