You Are the DJ

There's really no escaping it. You can play dumb or ignore it, but it doesn't make it any less true. There's always a vibe going on. You always FEEL one way or another. Even when you don't think you feel any particular way at all, that in itself, is feeling a certain way.

There's always a mood. There's always an atmosphere. There's always a tone, a pitch, a FEELING of what life feels like right NOW. Who sets the tone, changes the pitch, sways the mood, and fills the atmosphere? It's all YOU.

Just as the DJ of any party has the ability to either get everyone on their feet and really enjoy themselves or stink up the joint having people ready to curse him out, YOU have the ability to control the vibes you are experiencing right NOW.

The experienced DJ manages to move the crowd by first being aware of the crowd and what they might respond to. He first has to accept the crowd for who they are. Then the music he selects and plays in the arrangement he chooses is in direct response to the way the crowd feels. He adapts from moment to moment. A known paradox: Control is attained through acceptance.

In your life, you are both the crowd and the DJ. The crowd is simply how you feel right NOW. It is the tone of the moment. The DJ is your mind. What does the DJ play? The thoughts, situations, circumstances, visions, memories, calculations, insights, etc. that constantly fill the time line in your mind. Whatever you are "playing" will absolutely and directly affect the way you feel. You set the tone of how you feel. Your crowd always responds to your DJ.

This is a doubled edged power. If you continue to dwell on things that you don't like but can't change, you create suffering and stress for yourself. You also weaken your position in affecting any change. On the other side, if you continue to dwell on all the world's beauty, abundance, and everything you love, you enjoy how life feels right NOW and gain an advantage in making changes you want to see.

Life's a party. Do you want it ruined by playing garbage? Or do you want to hear all your favorites? The choice is yours. The power is yours. The time is NOW. Enjoy yourself.

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Eric Dubay said...

Another great post. I've been glad to see you back writing so often lately. Your words of wisdom always help set the tone for my day. Peace


Mark said...

I love your use of the DJ and music analogy. You are spot on with this writing. I choose to play the music which makes this journey joyful!

Rizal Affif - The Soul Sanctuary said...

Ditto with Mark. Your analogy of DJ and music is just so fresh, so original--yet so true!

Not let us play some music again :)

cordieb said...

This made me smile. Thanks!

Peace, Light and Love,

C. Om said...

Eric, Mark, Rizal,
I really appreciate it! :-)

C. Om said...

glad to make you smile. :-)