Getting Stuck

Here's the scenario: You're moving along at a pretty good speed. Then (WHAM!) it happens. This is something you thought could never happen again! How could this be? How could a known issue still cause a problem for you?

This scenario is vague enough to describe any life experience where a past problem has resurfaced or is being experienced yet again. It is an issue we thought we had resolved, transcended, or were previously enlightened about.

Even after an awakening. which is nothing more than a widening and deepening of your perspective, it is possible to become entangled in issues you previously thought conquered. The attachment to ideas and the people closest to you can seem to disappear for a time, only to remind you of its continued existence later on. This is only proof that the attachment still resonates with you.

It is neither a good or a bad thing. It just is. And being aware of it, you can make the best of it. Embracing the idea of abundance in the attachment as opposed to the lack of it will turn it into your advantage.

You absolutely can turn an attachment into an affirmation of abundance. If you are attached to a loved one you can't be with the way you like, you have the ability to envision yourself with them in a setting to your pleasing. You can interact with that person and all the qualities you love about them. Even when you were physically with them, the loved one was only an impression on you that YOU interpreted. You can bring life to this interpretation of them at any time. It only takes concentration. The same goes for any concept or object you may feel a lack of. You have the ability to conjure it and feel it's presence.

Getting stuck or caught up on the way down your path does happen. From the perspective of a third person, you were stuck for a very short time. Maybe from your own perspective, you were stuck for a long while. Either way, time is relative and forward is the only direction. Recognize that getting stuck is only an illusion and that the evolution never stops. All adversity is worth it.

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What Would Jesus Do?

The question itself is a hint at something a lot of people have never dared to think of. Choices make us who we are more than anything else. And if we posses the ability to choose what Jesus(/Buddha/any other religious figurehead) would do in a given situation, we already have them within us.

In other words, by choosing the godly way to act, we become more god like ourselves. This is true for any type of behavior. If a person went around with a, "What would a thief do?" mind set, they would take on the attributes of a thief. If a person went around with a, "What would a scholar do?" mind set, they would take on the attributes of a scholar. And so on.

They say that man was made in the image of God. But it can't be denied that the image of God was made by man. No matter how you look at it, what we think of God had to be observed and interpreted by people. Therefore all images and ideas of God are man made.

To take it even further, God and man are one. The perception and sense of God that man has is but a reflection of himself. When he asks himself, "What would Jesus do?", he is literally speaking to his God-self consciousness. Whatever his impression of God's teachings is, he will act on that.

Appreciate the fact that your Higher Intelligence is always with you. It will continue to grow and guide you as you give it more attention.

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Play It Off

An enjoyable life experience is all about perspective. An attitude of acceptance and the ability to adapt to whatever the moment holds, brings with it a sense of calmness and confidence.

With this calm confidence, you can do no wrong. Any missed steps or poor judgment can be quickly recognized and corrected. There is no shame. There is only growth.

Mistakes are simply sign posts pointing to perfection and aides in making all corrections. Embracing the moment for what it is and becoming one with it allows you to react from the place of all solutions. You will always end up in a better landing position when you first accept the fact you have fallen.

Own the moment. Play in it. Play with it. Play it off. You have nothing to lose and a winning experience to gain. Don't sweat the small stuff, cause it's ALL small stuff!

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