Can You Feel It?

I can feel it.

Feeling is part of your perception. You can really only use your perception in the present moment. When people acknowledge that they can feel something, they are being conscious.

My definition of conscious is being aware of being aware. In other words, if you can take notice of yourself taking notice of anything; you are conscious.

Have you ever noticed that when you feel something you may experience it and not actually acknowledge that you experience it? For example, you may be wearing very comfortable clothing or shoes. You can completely overlook the fact that these garments are being felt by you right now because they are very easy on your body. But reading this or maybe someone else giving you a compliment on what you are wearing may bring your awareness back to the fact that you are feeling your clothes all the time and that you are simply overlooking it. When you have the awareness that allows you to feel the light sensation of the clothes on your skin; you are conscious of your clothes in that moment.

'I can feel it,' is a statement of consciousness even if the person saying it is not conscious that they are being conscious. When this is the case, I call it 'unconscious consciousness.'

When people acknowledge that they can feel something, they are being in the present moment (whether they are conscious of it or not). Just as illustrated above, you can be in contact with something and not really feel it. This is because your mind is preoccupied with thought. You are not truly there in the moment. Your attention must be there for you to really feel it. Since anything that you feel must be touching you at the time you feel it; anything you feel is in the present moment.

You can feel with more than physical contact. Touch is only one of our sense perceptions. Bringing more awareness to what you are aware of enhances your consciousness. When you bring more awareness to your perception as a whole, you can really feel the present moment and everything in it that you give your attention to.

You can feel it.


Mark said...

This is an outstanding way to illustrate consciousness. Thank-you so much for formulating this post. Well done!

bometernally said...

Great post as usual!

This made me think of when I am driving, I can literally feel when another car is going to switch lanes without indicating visually with the indicator. Or when stirring a pot, the bottom of the pot can literally be felt through the utensil being used. Also how one can feel when someone is looking at you from afar.