Growing Pains

Growing pains. We have all had them. You can not find a person alive who has not had difficulty with something. In all reality, it is so common place; it is sometimes hard to see why people react the way they do to some of life's tests.

A great deal of the pain and stress we suffer is self inflicted. This is due to the egoic identity we mistake ourselves for and the many ideas and concepts we are identified with. All of these things become part of our identity. Our identity becomes our comfort zone.

Beyond the limit of your comfort zone lies nothing but stress and pain. Everything beyond what is considered to be the best scenario for the ego's well being causes you stress. This could be as small as a minor irritation or as major as life and death. If it is a threat to your idea of well being; it is stressful to your ego.

Loss of any kind is usually considered a pain. It is often only through this type of pain that the walls of our comfort zone can be shattered. What ends up happening is your comfort zone becomes wider. You are able to be without someone or something and still recognize that you are good. The pain helped you grow.

This is where sayings like, "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger," come from. There is a much deeper meaning behind this and many other sayings than maybe noticed on the surface.

It is a regular fact that unexpected incidents and occurrences affect our lives from time to time. These can be seen as horrible experiences in our lives or they can be seen as chances to grow in perspective and adapt to what is.

You can literally change the meaning of pain.

To get more on this in depth; read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!


Rizal Affif said...

I remember that saying... it was from Nietzsche. During my last year of college I used it very frequently that my friend associated it with me :p

Anyway, to me, I have learned to view life as a learning class for the soul; and whatever happens, good or bad, is a chance for learning. Wow, suddenly life turns fascinating :)

Children with out voices said...

The Demons within. If we think does it make it so?The old adages ring true, they have stood the test of time. We are living in the new age and so much is happening, but it does really come down to how we perceive life. As important as it is to expand our thinking and allow the positive to rule, the truth is one person can alter your world forever. Everyone should be aware of their actions and that starts in
the early stages of life, here is where society is making the largest mistakes. To make the adult world a better place, we must first respond to many needs of our youth, for they are indeed our future.

C. Om said...

Your insight is much appreciated!

@Children with out voices
I support a bright future (and more importantly) and a bright present for children, and everyone in general.

Thank you for your insight.