The Light Source Within

Light doesn't actually reach the part of your brain where vision is created and experienced. The light that you are seeing right NOW is actually coming from you. This isn't simply a deep sounding philosophy. It's science.

You are the source of the brightness in anything you see. The light is simply an external stimulus that triggers the unveiling of this eternal inner luminance. This is not hard to understand and accept when you think about how light, alone, is meaningless without eyes or some other type of receiver and an intelligence to define it. Light without an observer affected by its stimuli doesn't exist.

To illustrate further, when you imagine or visualize anything, you are literally seeing by the light of your being. When you have dreams at night, you can see with no problem despite the fact your eyes are closed. How else can you explain the source of light?

You can even picture any and all vision you have as a TV or movie screen. In any case, there is always a backlight. There's a light in the projector. There's a light behind your screen. You are that light.

We are luminous beings. You are as bright or dark as you allow yourself to be. In a sea of infinite possibilities, focus navigates.

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