Everybody's Crazy!

Some people's 'crazy' is just too hard to relate to, so they get the official label of "insane."

What brought me to this crazy ass conclusion? Because I'm so far gone, insane and crazy myself! And I'm convinced that everyone else is too!

There are, of course, the standards of society as a whole. This is what the collective uses to label a person crazy. These mainstream ideas of what 'crazy' really is, are the reason I'm saying that everyone (and myself exceedingly) are crazy by definition!

Mentally deranged; demented;, unsound, crooked, askew, mad, insane, impractical, erratic, unusual, infatuated, and obsessed; these all describe 'crazy' when you look it up. Yet a person's judgment through observation is always needed to cast the label of 'crazy.' If the person making the judgment sees the object as 'normal' or 'sane' because they enjoy or suffer from the same perspective, they won't see the other as crazy!

I've realized that 'crazy' and 'insane' are simply labels. They are words interpreted by everyone with a slightly different meaning. What's 'crazy' for one person won't necessarily be 'crazy' to someone else.

Even the mainstream ideas of 'crazy' can be related to 'average' people. Can you deny that your thought process often contains voices in your mind, some even conflicting and going back and forth? Can you deny that 'crazy' things have crossed your mind (regardless if you acted on them or not)? Who is to say you are not crazy?

People who have made great changes in the world would have all been considered crazy by their peers at the time! Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, the Wright Brothers, Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Alexander Graham Bell, Benjamin Franklin, and countless other visionaries all saw what others could not! They were the best kind of crazy! They actually helped stretch the mainstream ideas of what crazy really is.

Realizing and understanding that all possibilities really do exist and that being a visionary allows you to explore these infinite possibilities, I encourage everyone to be a little more crazy!

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David "Shinzen" Nelson said...

Where I work, talking about seeing spirits or soul traveling is fairly commonplace. I work on a small Native American reservation and even though not all of the members embrace their cultural traditions, many that I work with do. This involves 'crazy' talk if I were in a non-native clinic. It's all a matter of perspective...

Good post.

Ta Wan said...

I said this to my dad as we walked along the street. He was commenting on a homeless crazy lady who was shouting at people that 'did not exist' and I said to him: 'Well to her, we are the crazy ones'.

Rizal Affif said...

I guess the notion "crazy" and "insane" are possible because there is "normal". Those outside the curve of normality would, of course, considered crazy or insane. This would include acutely sick people as well as acutely genius and visionary ones :D once everything is seen as it is, though... "normal" or "crazy" or "insane" has no more meaning. Indeed it's all about perspective! :)

Or yes, we may be all crazy :D

@ Shinzen: Wow, would love to meet them. Some of my "spiritual friend" do those crazy talk as well... and crazy acts :D

@ Tawan: That was a short, simple, but highly thoughtful story. Like it a lot :)

The Rambling Taoist said...

Before I became a social workers years ago, I thought that there were "normal" families. However, as I got to know the families both of my clients AND my coworkers, I began to realize that EVERY family is dysfunctional; they simply are dysfunctional in different ways!!

Every family has skeletons in their closet. There's a father, mother, aunt, uncle, child or cousin who everyone else doesn't want to talk about. There are tensions between spouses, in-laws and siblings. Of course, while most people realize that THEIR family is screwed up, they like to fantasize that somehow/somewhere there are families that are tranquil and idyllic.

Such families ONLY exist as a statistic -- nowhere else!

Gail said...


I refer to my state of being as "abnormal-normal". I base that on my changes and adjustments to what is, or isn't anymore. I refer to my neighbor as "crazy". Which, for me means non-reality based-delusional. But what doI know he could be right on and I am way off. phew. Good one C OM, got me thinking.

Love you like "crazy" :-)


Ana Goncalves said...

Crazy is as misguided as normal.

Nice to know that you have picked up on this notion, and that you haven't let it take you to heart.

As Seal the singer once put it:

We're never gonna survive, unless...
We get a little crazy
No we're never gonna survive, unless...
We are a little...

Whatever you want to make of the adjective, just remember it's only a perception. What counts is the person living the life they are here to live, nothing else.

Keep shining. :)

C. Om said...

Thank you Ana! You are right on point! :-)

Rachel C Miller said...

I say there is good crazy and bad crazy, one is the seed of love and the other evil. They both exist and depending upon what you allow to grow from within depends on where the path will take you and what kind of crazy you are.
I like to think I am a good crazy, I haven't killed anyone yet.

But when you think about it does it really matter the differences in people how they respond as long as they are not hurting anyone. Crazy turns out be just another label that society likes to put on people .
There are millions of books that teach us, what to think, how to think and whether we are crazy or not. Because we choose not to walk the path of the common notion, does not make us crazy. It might make us stronger, different, unusual, creative, etc. Until we learn to accept the beauty of diversity we will never truly comprehend the range of thought the mind is capable of.
You are right many people who were considered crazy changed our world for the better...I am thankful for their craziness and their inspiration to be crazy.

C. Om said...

Right you are Rachel! It's just another label open to interpretation. :-)