Just a Matter of Perspective

Ever thought about how 'perspective' and 'awareness' are two completely different aspects of our consciousness? They are tied together in our minds because one can not exist without the other. Because they can't exist without each other, they are indivisible, or one in the same. This is clearly a paradox since they are indeed different.

'Awareness' exists before 'perspective' can be formed. Awareness is the very sense of being that allows us to observe the outside world, and the inner world as well. Though 'awareness' comes before 'perspective', it will take the defining factors that 'perspective' brings to make any sense of 'awareness'. Or more simply stated, one doesn't make sense without the other.

I mention the difference because I've noticed that no matter how your perspective may change or shift; your awareness always remains the same in nature, only growing in degrees of intensity. You have the same awareness that you had when you were an infant. It is only the focus of this awareness and the perspective that have shifted. Who you think you are is all 'perspective'. Then there is the 'awareness' that gives this perspective life.

It is amazing how radically our perspective can shift while maintaining the same force of awareness. Some great movie plots illustrating this are "Face Off (1997)," " District 9 (2009)," and "Avatar (2009)." In all three films, main characters shift appearance and perspective greatly while remaining the same awareness. With almost 180 degree turns in seeing themselves and everything else, how else can you explain still being the same person? Though these are just movies, people in real life are able to change just as dramatically by way of changing who they 'think' they are!

When people talk about ego identity, they are referring to this 'perspective'. I've realized that 'ego' is indivisible from 'awareness.' When people speak of the ego as the part of us to be transcended so that we may experience the peace that is always with us, they are speaking of the small 'perspective' of being solely an individual. When this concept is transcended, there is still an ego. There is still a broader 'perspective.' The difference is that it is a perspective of wholeness, or oneness. If you are aware of this perspective, you have not discarded the ego, but matured and purified it.

Everything is literally a matter of perspective! And remembering that we are the unchanging (in nature) awareness that gives light to all perspectives, is a very powerful alley and brings balance to all perspective.

Become aware of your perspective on everything!

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David "Shinzen" Nelson said...

What is really good?

This post....good one. Clear and concise...as usual.

Ta Wan said...

I'd say perspective is a relative term and awareness is infinite.

Gail said...

Great post - again!!! :-)

And yes, awareness is from information - and perspective is how we process the information based on our "understanding" as we have come to define it through our life's experiences. Therefore, perspective is ever changing as the awareness/information becomes available.

Nice to see you -

Love Gail

The Rambling Taoist said...

Before I had finished the first paragraph, it motivated me to write a post. The thesis was that perspective merely is awareness with attitude. I'm glad I came back now to read your fine words and thoughts on this matter!!

C. Om said...

Shinzen, very much appreciated!

Ta Wan, the perspective is relative to each individual, but it is also infinite as awareness is because how can awareness be without a perspective?

Gail, thank you! Good to see you too. :-)

The Rambling Taoist, much appreciated! Inspiration can be contagious. ;-)

Rizal Affif said...


How come I missed this finely crafted post? What a masterpiece! I read Deepak Chopra's long post today and this post of yours summed it all pretty damn good!

To add up; awareness is potentiality, while perspective is manifestation.

And... I've just watched "District 9" an hour ago, awesome movie :D

C. Om said...

Hey Rizal!

I wasn't aware of Deepak's post, but I am in good company! ;-)
Much appreciated!

I love the potential verse manifestation metaphor! Another great way to visualize this!

And it was an awesome movie! lol