See Yourself, Feel Your Essence

Be aware of your awareness.
Define your ability to define.
Be conscious of your consciousness.
Think about your thoughts.
Contemplate contemplation.
Focus on your focus.
Perceive your perception.
Be cognitive of your cognition.
Be mindful of your mind.
Attend to your attention.
Sense your senses.
Concentrate on your ability to concentrate.
Take note of your ability to take notice.
Behold the beholder.
Observe the observer.
Be insightful of your insight.
See the seer.
Know the know-er.
Feel the gaze of your own vision.


Ta Wan said...

until these dualistic games extinguish themselves, perhaps?

C. Om said...

A way to describe going from the average mind state toward the realization that there is no duality. So 'yes' would be the short answer :-)

David "Shinzen" Nelson said...

Awareness/Mindfulness leads us out of not knowing what we don't know to knowing what we don't know...

Gail said...


"Sir, yes sir"!!! :-)

Sounds like an awful lot of commands to follow - I am exhausted just reading them. Seriously though, I understand each one's value and I naturally, for the most par, do each one.
Love you

C. Om said...

~Shinzen, I like that! lol
Very true!

~Gail, next time I won't try to over work you. :-)
Great to see you.

Rizal Affif said...

It's been a while since last time you post, and then you're here with an unusual poem. What a surprise :)

Really love this one, Man :)

bometernally said...

Nice. :-) Deep & to the point. I agree with Shinzen.

C. Om said...

Thanks Rizal! :-)

Thank you bometernally! :-)

Ana Goncalves said...

That really is the essence of living. :)

Thank you for befriending me on Facebook.

Saw you had a blog. :)