A Crown of Thorns

Jesus Christ was a being of higher consciousness. Whether or not you are a Christian is irrelevant. If an objective person takes a good look at his words and teachings, they will find absolute truths.

Personally, I was not raised as a Christian but I was taught many of the Christian teachings and morals. After the profound shift in my consciousness, I can now see these teaching with the true depth they possess. You may also see them with new clarity.

One such revelation that came to me was the meaning of the crown of thorns. About.com says this of the crown of thorns:
The crown of thorns represents the sin and suffering carried by the King of Christianity. In the Bible thorns often represent sin, and therefore, the crown of thorns is fitting—that Jesus would bear the sins of the world.
Because true meaning and experience often get lost in the translation to words (Words Can Not Express...) many of the things Christ said have been misinterpreted and a less accurate meaning has been passed down. I, like many others, have gathered that the true meaning of sin is far from what we have been lead to believe. True sin is to forget our true nature. True sin is to be bound by the perspective of the ego mind. True sin is to forget about your divine essence and to wallow in the mire of attachment and false identity. When you stop and take a good look at what the root cause of all suffering and pain in the world today stems from; the ego mind perspective is the seed. This is the root of all sin.

The crown of thorns is an appropriate symbol of what it means to sin. Just as stated in the related posts below; it is your own mind that presents to you all the thoughts that are the source of pain and suffering. Your own mind can be a crown of thorns. It takes a being of higher consciousness to illustrate to the world how everyone is the source and the bearer of their own suffering in this way.

More on this in future posts.

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*** said...

I'm with you brother! Looking forward to reading this one: http://www.amazon.com/Jesus-Story-Enlightenment-Deepak-Chopra/dp/0061448737/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1231695743&sr=1-1

Blessings, ss

C. Om said...

Wow! I did not know this book was in existence. I just took a look at the page on amazon. I am amazed (but not surprised) at the fact I left a comment on your blog about being like Deepak and look at the similarity in topics. :-)

Thank you SS. I look forward checking it out too.