Out The Box

Most people live in a box. Many will go through their whole lives without making a conscious effort to get out of this box.

This box is made of identity concepts and past experiences. Within this box, all contentment and happiness is short lived. You are also subject to several levels of stress and suffering.

Outside the box there is only peace. This peace is expressed in countless ways. Joy, excitement, enthusiasm and freedom are a few forms of this peace.

To get out the box, you first have to notice that there is a box. This box is very real, although it is invisible to your five basic senses. Many times people confuse the box for who they really are.

When the box starts to get damaged, they believe that they, themselves have been damaged. Some times, it takes a box getting nearly completely destroyed before people start to wake up and notice that they are not their boxes.

Are you ready to get out of the box? If you have caught glimpses of being out, are you ready to stay out? To learn how, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!

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bometernally said...

Great topic. I liked it so much, I mentioned this post on mine for 1/20/09.

Blessings to you C.Om!

C. Om said...

I appreciate your appreciation. Thank you for the mention.

Light and Blessings

*** said...

Once we realize we're in that box, should we be so blessed to choose to get out of it, we find there is yet another box, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another............................................................................. oh the paradigms of mind, that bind..... =) - ss

C. Om said...

All the other boxes are but reflections or extensions of the first. "Paradigms of the mind, that bind" is an excellent way to describe it. Once we have glimpsed that experience of being without the box, even for a moment, that experience can drive us to get out there further and further and for longer periods of time.

There really aren't that many more boxes, but slippage back into the same box with new colors. Being conscious enough to notice this is the trick. Thanks SS.

Light and Blessings

Walt said...

The boxes that we like are the hardest to escape! The truth is that we like our boxes more than we'd care to admit!

C. Om said...

Absolutely! When we like them, it's hard to notice if we are even in a box!:-) Those are the toughest.

Still, it is possible to recognize attachment (even if it is good).