Only Your Thoughts Can Upset You

Life is all about your own specific experience. Your experience is the very definition of your life.

Ever thought about the fact that your experience is all determined in your mind? No matter what actually happens, it is the way you interpret what happens that creates your experience.

A man loses his job. He can take it as the worst thing that could possibly happen to him, or he can take it as an opportunity to get involved with something greater. His experience will be dramatically different depending on the way he chooses to interpret the situation. Even if nothing happens or changes, the same rules apply. The same man has the job he's had for years. He may see it as a dead end that he is miserable at every single day, or he may see it as a stepping stone he is grateful to have in order to get where he truly wants to be. The perspective that we see life from determines our experience of life.

In the former examples and in all of life in general, it is the thoughts that we have about life that determine if we are enjoying the ride or if we are having a horrible time. The fact that our own personal life experience does not happen 'out there' but only happens 'in here' is something almost completely overlooked most of the time. Because our life interpretation and experience really only happens 'in here', it is pretty obvious why only our own thoughts can upset us.

Becoming aware of our own awareness and the way the mind works will lead to freedom from stress filled perspectives about our lives. Recognizing that in order to be in a bad mood, or upset about anything that you can not change is a self sabotaging attitude that will only cause yourself unnecessary pain and stress.

Don't take my word for it. Look at your own experience. If you have been upset or are upset about anything right now, look at what the cause of it really is. Is it the situation alone, or is it how you view and feel about the situation? Is it possible to feel a different way about it? If so, why not feel better about it? If that sounds too difficult, I can show you how. It is always good to feel better.

This topic is further explored in the book, What Is Really Good? Stay tuned!

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bometernally said...

Truth is Truth no matter how you look at it. Now again it is only our thoughts that can upset us when we see the Truth. So the Truth you speak about here I also spoke about in

Thank you for your post and the picture is so appropriate.

C. Om said...

Thank you bometernally. Still minds are great minds. Great minds think alike. :-)

*** said...

...nothing could be truer - yet while knowing this, it is not always easy to paint with rainbow colors when the ego perceives it is being attacked. It shows up, time and time again, with its black Crayon, waiting to draw dark circles around the sun.

-Recognize (what is happening)
-Resist (tempation to fall)
-Restore (with faith and love)

C. Om said...

SS, I like your version of the three R's. :-)

And of the three, Recognize is the most important and most powerful. It seems when we are not aware that the ego is under attack, it is hardest to Resist and Restore. Without even realizing it, the black crayon is used all over the place. Once observed and recognized, it is much easier to use the rainbow colors.

Light and Blessings