Made In His Image

They say that God made man in his image. I agree with this saying, but at the same time, the reverse is also true. Turning the saying around is actually more of our everyday experience. 'Man made God in his image.' I know that for some people, this may sound blasphemous, but take a good look to realize how it is not.

'God' is a concept or idea to most of mankind. For most people, He is a concept that we learned about as a child and continued to carry with us. Just as any other concept, it does not exist in the universe outside of the minds of humanity. Just as the concept of beauty is in the eye of the beholder , so is the concept of God. If God is simply a concept to most people, and man formulated this concept, then it stands to reason that man made God in his own image.

Throughout the history of the concept of God, what was thought to be God has changed many times. There are many faiths and cultures that have thought of not a single God but many gods, all with different traits. Many of the descriptions of God are of a being who takes on the personality of a man and not of a benevolent being of love. Even now, there are writings of a "jealous" God who would not like to see anything else besides Himself worshiped. This concept of a God punishes those who have gone against His wishes. He will even damn a soul to hell for eternity.

God is not a person. If he is a person, then he is every person. He is neither male nor female, and both, at the same time. God is the universe, just as you are all the cells in your body. There is nothing that exists that is not of this Universal Intelligence. This Consciousness is the force that expresses itself as the laws of nature and reality.

I do not want you to take my word on any of this. Most people will believe this to be my personal opinion. That is fine. What I do want from you is to be totally objective in what you have been taught or told to believe. What I have stated here is not a belief of mine, but my personal experience. I invite you to experience it yourself.

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