Why Worry?

Ever notice how useless and futile it is to simply just worry about something? Worry doesn't really have any benefits, does it? Has it ever gotten anything solved or made a situation any easier to deal with? Obviously not. So, why worry?

If we look at the 'good intention' behind worrying, we will see that it is a dysfunctional attempt at gaining peace of mind. The trouble is, it has quite the opposite effect. When you look at what worrying really is, you will notice that it has nothing to do with what is going on at the moment you are worrying, but more to do with another point in time and a situation outside of your immediate one.

If you could let go of the stress you are causing yourself by worrying, I guarantee you will be able to focus on a solution for the problem a lot easier than you could while full of worry. If you understand how visualization works, or if you agree that what you focus on expands; you can see how worrying works against you. Worrying actually puts you right in the middle of a worse case scenario rather than in the middle of a solution.

Worry is as useless a full on panic. The only difference is worry is at a slower pace and is usually more mental than physical. Panic will get you killed while keeping a 'cool head' will get you through most any situation. How do you keep a 'cool head?' Tune in to the intelligence that exists "outside of your mind." Get out the box.

For a lot more on this topic, read the book What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!

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*** said...

Worry was 'one of my boxes'...

My mother taught me very well, how to worry... and likely, her mother did teach her.

It is a wonderful lesson to 'unlearn'! -ss

C. Om said...

I have been doing a lot of 'unlearning' myself. Not so much with worry, but other old habits.

They are all wonderful lessons to unlearn.