Death and Heaven

Many people through out mankind's history have speculated on the afterlife. There are many religions and cultures that place a tremendous value on the eternal afterlife of man kind. Whether or not you believe in an afterlife is irrelevant to this discussion. Your beliefs, or lack there of, in such things does not contradict or nullify what we are speaking of here. This message is all inclusive.

Whether or not there is an unseen kingdom of heaven in the clouds is not within the realm of our current knowledge to totally prove or disprove. What is infinitely more important is the life and experience we have in the present moment; right here, right now.

Believe it or not, heaven can be attained on earth. Heaven can be attained in your very life right now. Even so, you must first die to enter this heaven. How can this be? What am I talking about? I am referring to a major shift in your perspective.

All death can be considered the ending of an identity. Death in the traditional sense is not the end of life, but only a change in location of your perspective. It is the transformation of your identity. The death that I am referring to is not the end of your life here in this physical realm. It is the death of the grip the ego identity may have on you right now. Every time an attachment is broken, a little death takes place. It is a death in the ego. It is the releasing of a bond that was formerly part of your identity.

When your ego has died to the point of being able to see past it; when it has been weakened enough that your perspective is able to shift from it to that of the objective Observer, you will be able to enter heaven.

What is this heaven? It is exactly what your definition of heaven would be. In the traditional definition of heaven, there is no pain or suffering. There is only the good life. Realizing that we as individuals can control the source of pain and suffering in our own lives gives us the ability to eliminate it. Becoming the master over your ego mind can give you the freedom to enter heaven at any given time.

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