Good Sense

There isn't a person alive who does not have sense. If it can be argued that they do not have sense, then it may also be argued that they are not truly alive.

Everybody has sense. I'm using the word 'sense' here as in able to perceive. It is not necessarily intelligence in the form of logic, deduction, and analytical skills; but more in the form of able to perceive any type of change in their environment or themselves and to be able to respond to stimulus. 'Sense,' in the way I'm using it, can almost be synonymous with awareness or consciousness. Plants have been proven to have sense.

That being the case, it is no huge jump from that premise to the fact that we may all have more senses than we are used to acknowledging. Beyond the five sense that we are all quite familiar with (seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting); we have senses that are often overlooked. The way we are able to pick up on another person's energy or "vibe" is a good example. Even something as seemingly obvious as knowing what type of feeling a previously unheard of piece of music without lyrics is meant to convey, is a sense that goes far beyond simply hearing.

Although it is not in the usual definition of extra sensory perception (ESP), these senses that we have that go beyond our five senses are exactly that. They are extra in the way that they are beyond those particular modes of stimuli. Intuition is another form of this extra sense that is often overlooked or dismissed as coincidence.

Why do we all have this ability to sense beyond what we take in with our five senses? Because everybody is a spiritual being. We all have the ability to pick up on things outside of our physical selves because there is really nothing beyond our true Self. We are all connected. We are all one. The only reason why this is not our everyday experience is because of our identity, our point of view, our past experience, and where our attention is focused.

To get more in depth with this and similar topics, stay tuned!

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