Everything Ok?

Really. How is everything?

Ever thought about what 'everything' means? When you stop and take a good look at it, it means something slightly different to most people. Of course there is the overall general meaning that is the same, but the difference is in the details.

What 'everything' is to Jack is the same basic concept as what 'everything' is to Jill. To both people 'everything' is all that they know of, care of, and can conceive of. The differences in their individual 'everything's are really in the depth and focus of their fields of awareness. It is the difference in what they are conscious of.

When we stop and look at our own concept or idea of 'everything,' we might realize that we create what our 'everything' is. Out of all that exists to be aware of, we each are aware of only a fraction of it. This fraction is our 'everything.' And yet, this fraction is a complete experience. It is whole unto itself.

This 'everything' is essentially us. It is a reflection our our awareness.

So the next time someone asks you, "Is everything Ok?"; you may see that it is a question on your perspective and a great reminder that it is only the way you see things that determine your life's experience.

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