Blinding Light and Blinding Darkness

Light is often talked about as the solution to darkness. This perspective does, however, buy into the illusion of opposites. (See Illusion of Opposites) As discussed in The Power of Light/Love, it is all really of the same thing. In other words, there is really only light. Everything else is varying degrees of light or a lack of light. Darkness is often vilified because of the illusion of opposites and the duality that is created as a result.

To illustrate this; take a good look at the relationship of light and darkness and the way we need both of them equally. A person could not use light to see without darkness. To have an over abundance of light would leave us in the same condition as having no light. Definition of any kind could not be observed. Total light is blindness just as total darkness is blindness.

It is the varying degrees and resulting shades of light that give us the opportunity to define our world. Our surroundings vary in color and shades of light allowing us to give definition to what we see. The same may be said for sound and silence, matter and space, and movement and stillness. One could not exist without the other. As a result, it stands to reason that they are one in the same; utterly indivisible.

Leaving behind the idea that light is good and darkness is evil is to transcend the old and relative paradigm that is ego based. The ego thrives off of duality. There must be another for the ego to be relevant. If there is only oneness, the ego loses it's identity; it loses it's purpose. It loses it's power.

Logic will agree that if something is indivisible, then it must be one. It is all one. It is all good. It is all light.

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