One Love

Looking at all of the cultures, religions, and faiths of the past all the way to right now, there is a common thread that runs through them all. This common thread is part of the absolute truth that can never be denied.

The feeling of this truth is touched upon in so many different ways from so many different angles and yet, it is never quite captured in words. It is the quality of this truth that has attracted mankind to such concepts and institutions. It is because we are all beings of spirit and we can feel a connection to something bigger than us, even if this is not a conscious thought to us.

To be religious or to have any kind of faith in what is unseen is to feel the greater part of ourselves. Despite the differences in many cultures, the underlying fabric of being attracted to the peace within is always there.

Wars have been fought and people have suffered and died because of the differences, only because this truth has been manipulated for the purposes of ego identity. Once this ego identity has been transcended, all lines of separation start to blur. All that is left is the One Love that we all share.

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Unknown said...

It sounds good on the paper but much harder in real life.
Great blog!
I really enjoy it.

C. Om said...

Well, you know what they say, "practice makes perfect."
Thank you Buddha. Come back again.


Walt said...

It's sort of like running a marathon. They say that you run one step at a time. If you look at life as being one moment, one step, then these ideas are easy. If you look at life and project it into the future or even the past, than everything becomes much more difficult. The race now has a distance and a time frame, usually created by the person.

C. Om said...

Exactly. You can only do things one moment at a time. If you are doing it right in that moment, nothing else matters.

Thanks Walt as always