Stillness and Motion

Do you ever notice that all there really is, is stillness and motion? The stillness is always there. The motion rises and subsides within it. There is even stillness in motion. Motion always has stillness as part of it.

It takes a conscious intention or effort to bring your attention to this stillness. Stillness does not attract your attention. You must choose to acknowledge it.

The way the mind works before you take notice of it, is to be attracted to motion. You can confirm this yourself from your own experience. If all is still, you may notice something moving even in your peripheral vision. This is also true for silence and sound. To be attracted to a change in your surroundings in natural for your mind as it serves as a survival tool. Evaluating your surrounding conditions is in the best interest of your safety.

On the other hand, elevating to a higher state of consciousness requires you to transcend this "default" state of mind. Being able to become aware of the stillness around you will actually make you more alert and more at ease. It literally helps to still the mind.

For more on realizing the benefits of stillness and how the mind works, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!

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