Ride The Wave

A person who is totally in the moment; in tune with the movement around them; adapting to the current situation from moment to moment and enjoying the ride to their destination all the while. This can describe a surfer riding a wave. It can also describe anybody in this 'zone.' This is a zone without thoughts from the mind, but full of intelligence. It is pure inspiration and intuition.

The people who reach the most impressive of heights in life, are people who either consciously or unconsciously are able to get into this zone. There is an unspoken understanding of going with the flow, and at the same time channeling the flow to go with you. It is taking things as they are, and using things as they are to your advantage.

It's not exactly, "If you can't beat them, join them ," but it's more like, "embrace them, then there's nothing to beat or join". Ride the wave...don't fight it. Use it. As in the martial art, judo; you may use the weight of the situation in your favor.

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