Practice Makes Perfect

In life, we have heard, "practice makes perfect," many times. It is true, even if "perfect" does not really exist.

'Perfection' is a concept that is relative to the person holding it in their mind. In other words, perfection for a Little League baseball coach is not necessarily what perfection is to a Major League coach. This is why "perfect" does not really exist. It does not exist in the universe alone. It is only the view and mind of man that gives rise to perfection.

Acceptance that there is no true 'perfection' means also to accept that there is no true 'imperfection.'

Just as with 'perfection', 'imperfection' is a construct of the mind. The true practice is in remembering that there are no imperfections.

The moment it is being remembered, "Practice is perfect."

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*** said...

Perhaps there is but One perfection? ... to become it, is to know it. -ss

Unknown said...

I don't look for perfection anymore because I found it.
It is God or if you don't believe in God just look at a beautiful sunset.
What I am looking for is enlightenment and that is a direction in my life not a destination.
Thank you for your comment on heaven and hell.
Like the Eagles song says “this could be heaven or this could be hell”

C. Om said...

@ SS
I would agree. This One perfection is everything though. To be aware of it, is to become it and know it.

@ Buddha
I really like "enlightenment is a direction and not a destination." I always say, "The journey and the destination are one in the same."
And you are right on about perfection.
Heaven and Hell are right here. It is up to us to choose our experience.
Thanks for the return.