I Can't Wait

I wouldn't imagine there are too many people around who have not heard the phrase, "I can't wait," uttered many times in their life by others, if not themselves. Of course it is usually followed by a certain event or circumstance.
"I can't wait until I get my raise."
"I can't wait to get out of debt."
"I can't wait to get you home tonight."
You get the picture.

The funny thing is, if you ever really gave any attention to the validity of this phrase, you could almost laugh at how popular it is. If you really observe it, you will realize that the only thing the person expressing the phrase, will do, ... is wait. They are actually waiting as they are verbally saying that they can't.

'I can't wait' is more accurately expressed as, 'I don't want to wait.'
'I don't want to wait' is more accurately expressed as 'I don't want the present moment. I don't want right now. I don't accept this reality; I want that one.' This is why people do not enjoy being anxious.

Anxiety is a form of resistance to what is. It is a denial of circumstances. It is a rejection of the present. It is self inflicted stress. It is not a favorable feeling.

The good news is; it is completely avoidable. The only reason that a person feels that they ‘can't wait’ is the attachment to an idea of how they want things to be.

If you can stop thinking about how you want it and enjoy the gift that the present truly is, the anxiety is gone.

Much more on this in later posts and in the book, "What Is Really Good?"


Walt said...

I was thinking also that the true "I" actually can't wait, it can only accept. In this way, the statement could be true. The phrase is often expressed this way when someone is actually saying it with enthusiasm, which is actually anxiety flipped!

C. Om said...

Whoa! Excellent way to shift perspective on that phrase!

I used 'I' in the egoic sense. You used it in the universal sense and totally changed all meaning.

Appreciate the insight.

clemens said...

As I wrote today, I found myself typing "I can't wait..."
I had just read your post here, and I thank you for the awareness.

I stumbled upon your blog & something about your writing caused me to stop and read more...

Unknown said...

Good Shit My Dude, I can't wait, Lol, feel the phrase, but im a patient person, waitings not an option, you gotta go out and get what you want, no matter how long it takes, Place yourself in the right direction or path and follow thru. Everythings happens for your own purpose and reasoning in time.

C. Om said...

Absolutely man. You hit it on the nose when you said you were patient. That's why they call patience a virtue. You never have to wait and as a result you never waiver from your path. On top of that when your patient, your always good; you always chillen.