"I'm Just Happy To Be Here!"

Have you ever been watching TV or listening to the radio and you hear, "I'm just happy to be here!” from one of your favorite stars or accomplished people. Chances are; you have heard this phrase spoken many times by many people in your life.

Have you ever noticed that it is always people on top of their field that you hear saying this? It is not a coincidence. It is not just something to say that sounds good in an interview. It is not a feeling gained after having gotten to the position they are in. It is actually the feeling that got them there.

When you realize the more adaptive and flexible you are to life situations; the further you will get in anything you set out to do; then it makes perfect sense why these stars and leaders in their fields made it to the level that they did.

'Being happy to be here' brings with it the power to move through obstacles. It is acceptance of what is. It is the ability to be without stress because you remain in the present moment. Stress only exists for you when dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Stress is basically resistance to what is.

Don't take my word for it. Use your own sense of knowing. If somebody is unhappy doing what they have to do while approaching a goal; would they become happy just because they reached their goal? Chances are they would be happy for a brief period and then go back to feeling the way they usually do.

Being happy just to be, is the way to be.


B3autifulsoul-n-mind said...

Yeah I agree with you .I'm finally getting to that point in my life were I'm just happy to be alive.When you're appreciative of just being here you become more adaptive to lifes crazy ups and downs and can conquers whatever comes your way :-)
Having a positve mindset definately helps with this journey we call life lol.

C. Om said...

I'm glad you can see the truth from your own life experience.

Thanks for the insight Jocelyn. Come back soon.