Words Can Not Express...

What's the word?

'Love' is a word, among many others, that has a general meaning to it. There is an idea behind it that is vague and general enough to use the word in conversation or even address a mass audience and the listener or listeners will feel they know what the speaker is referring to.

In reality, 'love' is one of those concepts that may be interpreted differently by every listener who hears the word.
• Freedom
• Success
• Good
• Bad
• Cool

This list of words can all replace 'love' in the first paragraphs. Words can not adequately capture the true meaning behind life's big concepts. As a result, people can think they are communicating while never actually really knowing what the other felt.

Words are like statues that are supposed to represent the real living, breathing feeling and emotion. They are way to open to interpretation to be effective.

Words are sign posts. Do not get stuck on the words. Look where the words are pointing.

This is good to remember for previous and all future posts.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Hey C!
I found your blog when I clicked on A New Earth, a book I listed as one of my favorites in my profile. Who knew it would give me a list...
Anyway. I've just read the book and absolutely loved it. If only I could find a way to stay awake! When I am able to stay present life is great. But I get busy, I lose focus then I end up stressed.....
I have found that it helps to pick up the book every day and read something out of it just to get focused.
Keep the blog going! I can't wait to hear more!

C. Om said...

Thank you Sara. I am definitly going to keep it going.

As far as staying present, the fact that you realize that yu are not staying present is a sign you are moving toward extending your periods of presence.

Stay tuned to your awareness and the blog.