What is freedom? What does it mean to you?

I know what 'freedom' means to me. You may or may not agree. This is one of life's great concepts that words can not express. Feelings in general are among the most difficult for words to express.

Freedom is a feeling that words can not express. As a result, freedom is open to your interpretation. It can and will be defined by you alone. Everybody has their own experience.

“I wish I could give you this feeling!” is the reason we coined this word (among others) to begin with.

Whatever your definition of freedom is, you are free to pursue it. The fastest way to feel freedom is to be without thoughts. There are no limits, restrictions, or worries at all. Even if just for a brief moment; in that moment you are more alive and totally free.

I'm free. I feel free. I am feedom. Let me show you how to be free. Stay tuned to the blog and read the book What Is Really Good?


Walt said...

Let your thoughts walk with you like a friend, not ride your back like vice!


C. Om said...

Absoultely! When you become the master, and your mind becomes the subordinate; you are free.

All to often people are the servants of their minds.