Overlooking Ourselves

We overlook ourselves so much of the time; it is "crazy!" To be more precise, we overfeel over selves.

To illustrate this; put your right hand up about 8 to 10 inches in front of your right eye. Then look at it. You can then shift your focus to the left. Look at anything else in your field of vision. Once you are completely focused on something else, you will notice that you barely see your hand anymore. It becomes part of your peripheral vision and can easily be ignored.

What I mean about "overfeeling" your self is how we often can feel the presence of others, but tend not to feel our own presence. It's like you not feeling the shirt on your back right now until you just read this sentence.

When you are in the moment; when you are not possessed by the constant mind chatter that is so common among us humans; you are able to feel your own presence. You will experience heightened perception.

Stay tuned!

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bometernally said...

How true this is. We do it all the time "Overlooking Ourselves" and don't realize it until something dramatic happens to pull us back into ourselves.

Great picture. Worth a thousand words...