What's Done Is Done

People often carry around stress due to regretting something about the past. People also often hold up particular past incidents as the reason for current circumstances and their resulting unfulfillment.

When you really stop to think about it; all of that dissatisfaction and regret is created by no one but the person who experiences it. It is really only the idea of things not being right that causes all the stress.

As far as the past goes; it is just a story. This story could be any infinite amount of situations to bring you to the current state of things. The story is not important. As a matter of fact it is worthless. It is the raw experience that is important. The experience is what people truly know. Everything else is added interpretation. Everything else is relative. The fact that they perceived or observed what they did is absolute. The fact that the situation or circumstance was witnessed is then interpreted, coloring their experience and writing the story behind it.

The classic hip-hop lyric by Rakim stating, "It ain't where you from. It's where you at," is an absolute truth. What is important is right now. The past is a memory. It is just an idea. Only the present moment can affect change.

If you can with draw your attention from the constant stream of thought and fully acknowledge right now; you will have a totally new experience. You will feel the fact that today is a new day.

Stay tuned to the blog and stay tuned to the present moment!


B3autifulsoul-n-mind said...

I'm glad you wrote this blog alot of people I know "need" to read that lol.Your right though you can't live in the present if you're too focused on your past mishaps.Besides it's a waste of time it's not like you can change anything.

C. Om said...

Exactly! If you can't change it, why worry about it? Focusing on solutions as opposed to problems is much more productive and feels better too.

Thank you for the comment Jocelyn.