Why So Serious?

Though it's one of the best lines of this past summer's blockbuster movie, "The Dark Knight;" "Why so serious," is also a really good question that most people might like to ask themselves.

Why do we take certain things so seriously? What is it about those particular topics that gets us so worked up and stressed out?

A lot of times we can take a step back and say to ourselves, "Is it really that serious?" or even know right from the jump that, "It's not that serious."

So really; why so serious? If you look at your own 'serious' reactions and those of others you know; you will see that it is always the things that people are ego identified with that brings the stress into the picture. In other words, it’s always a concept or idea that has become part of that person's identity which raises all the hell for them.

To illustrate this; everything that Tim considers his, is what he is ego identified with. His car, his house, his job, his wife, his bills, his retirement fund, etc. If anyone of these things is lost, comes into jeopardy, or is even slightly threatened; Tim's very identity comes under fire. Why so serious, Tim?

This just goes to show you the power the ego has over our minds until we are totally aware of it. Once we start operating above the ego, our minds are free. We are free to be sharper and more intuitive. We are even free to cultivate and protect what we know to be ours. The difference is that the chains of stress and the burden of bondage and attachment will no longer bog us down.

Life is no where near as serious as the ego makes it out to be. As a matter of fact, that seriousness is only a mental construct fueled by the ego. It does not really exist except in your head!

Life is meant to be lived. If there is anything at all stressing you right now; think about what's good right now. You may see that the source of the stress is but a thought and that it's really not that serious.

To find out how to chill out and let the stress go; stay tuned to the blog and read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!

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bometernally said...

The term "Why So Serious?" reminds me of the expression I see on the face of people I encounter in everyday life. Some of them are my students.

I've come to the realize that whatever thought they hold habitually reflects in their face as well as the rest of the body.In addition, most people are unconscious of it.

In another light, I caught myself today getting annoyed with a character in the movie I was watching. Then I stopped the thought asking myself why was I getting annoyed? As soon as I let go of the "egoic" thought, I was back to being at peace and thanking myself for being more observant.