What is ISness?

This may sound like an odd question to some, but it is simply asking what is it to be in existence right now. What is it exactly to be in a state described by the verb is? What is isness?

Well is is the third person singular of the present tense of be. The fact that is is a verb that requires no action sets it apart from most other verbs. To be described as is is simply to exist. To simply exist requires no story, labels, judgment, or conclusion. Also, is is only ever accurately used in the present moment. In other words; is=now as was=the past and will be=the future.

The reason for the question and resulting english lesson, is because we all have that element of isness in our lives. To be more precise; life is. Life can never be in the past. Life can never be in the future. Life only exists in the present moment as isness. Everything beyond that is a construct of the mind. If there is anything in your life that can not be described as is, it is not real at the moment. No matter how sure you are of it being a was or a will be, if it is not an is, then it is an idea that is not happening now.

Can you feel the isness of the moment? Can you feel the isness of your awareness? Can you feel the isness of all that you perceive? This "isness" is a still and silent all pervasive presence. It is only noticeable as you become still and silent yourself. This is a stillness of the mind. If you are not tuned into it, you miss it almost altogether.

To illustrate this all pervasive isness, picture this scenario.
The whole world is and always has been submerged. The sea level is above that of the highest mountain peak on earth. We are around because we evolved and breathe in water as fish do. If we had never ventured to leave the ocean floor, would we know what it is to be wet? Would the concepts of wet and dry even exist to us?

If you can picture that scene, you may have an idea of what I'm referring to. The isness of our lives and our reality is always there and all pervasive just like the water in the scenario. It takes a certain amount of self awareness to acknowledge that which can not be detected with the five senses. Still the mind though, and you can feel the presence. You can feel the isness.


Anonymous said...

I really like your way with words and analogies the way you tackle that which so often words are not adequate to describe. Great blog.

I came by your blog through a comment you left on my Zen blog.

C. Om said...

Thanks Derek. I appreciate your insight as well. It's great to see people who know what your trying to express.