You Already Know

Have you ever come across new information that you felt you some how knew already? It is as if the new info is just a confirmation of what you already knew but forgot.

When I used to read success strategy and other kinds of self help books, there would also be a high resonance with most of the info. It was as if one part of me was reminding the other what was forgotten.

This feeling of already knowing something is also felt when meeting people at times. You may have met someone who you felt so familiar with or somebody that you felt so comfortable with.

In both cases, this sense of already knowing is because of the resonance with our true selves. We have more sense perceptions than the 5 that we are so familiar with. When you are not bogged down with excessive thinking, you can pick up "vibes" from people and knowledge you come across.

Think about your life experiences. I'm sure you have felt certain things in the past that were unexplainable and yet right on point. That "gut feeling" is no fluke.

You already know.


Joce61586 said...

Wow I don't know if that was coincidental or what? I find it kind of weird that you were writing this while we were talking and I was thinking exactly that.Kind of strange that we have never really spoken to one another before that night but I felt so comfortable as if I knowned you for a long time

C. Om said...

Indeed. There are no coincidences and no accidents. I actually had some of the thoughts written before we spoke and I was only expanding on them. Yet, I happened to be living exactly what I was writing at the time. It is amazing!

The familiarity and comfort level come from you percieveing or feeling a person beyond touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight. Your sensing the other person's energy frequency or vibes. Since they are so compatible to your own; a level of comfort and familiarty is experienced.