Happiness Is A Mere Thought Away

I have good news for you!

The only difference between you being as happy as you ever possibly could, and how you are right now, is how you are feeling.

Sounds a bit obvious, huh? Well it is common sense. But you know what they say; "Common sense is not common." Most people never give this any thought what-so-ever.

If it were possible for people to feel whatever emotion they wanted for the majority of the time; what do you think most people would choose to be feeling? I guess it's easy to eliminate all the stressful ones like: anger, sadness, bitterness, etc. It would be safe to say people would like to feel peaceful, happy, free, etc.

So is it possible to truly feel how you would want to feel almost whenever you want? Yes. Happiness is a mere thought away. Take away the thought. And focus on right now. The feeling is obtainable. It is always there but is hidden. Once discovered, it only grows.

How you feel has nothing to do with life circumstances. As long as you are not being physically injured; every single moment, the way that you feel is a choice made by you. The problem is that most people do not know how to exercise this choice.

The multi-millionaire with the legal problems might feel worse than the cab driver who lives in the basement apartment. The circumstances are almost irrelevant. It is the perspective that is all important. The way the circumstances are labeled is what dictates how you feel. The cab driver is a thought away from being rich. How he feels right now; he is as wealthy as can be, minus the thought of a huge estate. The multi-millionaire is a thought away from happiness. Although he has all the markings of a rich man; the way he feels right now he might as well be locked up.

A thought or a train of thoughts helps you to feel a certain way if you let it. To be without thought and feel how you feel just observing the present moment is to really allow your self to feel what is as opposed to what you think it is.

Find out what happens when you learn to master thought. Read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned.

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