Adapting = Acceptance

A very simple (and yet complicated) way to be happy and eliminate all stress and suffering from life, is to be able to adapt to any and every thing that you come across.

Accepting life in all circumstances and situations eliminates that underlying current of stress that people drag around with them on a day to day basis. When people are not regretting past decisions or past experiences; they do not carry the stress from the past. When people are not anxious about the future; the future is open to infinite possibilities. When people are able to live in the moment as opposed to thinking, "should have, would have, or could have," all the time; the present becomes a gift.

A lot of people don't like the word acceptance. Surrender is one people like even less. Don't get caught up with the words. It is the experience you must become familiar with. When you adapt to anything, you are in full acceptance of it.

To be in full acceptance not only feels great; it is what makes great, successful people great. You will not find an accomplished or successful person around who is not a master of adapting to a situation or circumstance. From your favorite athlete to your most esteemed scientist or doctor; acceptance as adaptation to perceived reality is at the base of their greatness.

'Adapt' is also accurate when you know how primitive the ego is and that the next step in consciousness is literally a step in our evolution. The human ego is as primitive as a primate. It is the human mind that is extremely advanced. Because the ego, all too often, is in control of the mind; it causes the self inflicted stress that most of us suffer from.

Learning to adapt is the key to happiness. Thus the u.r.l. for this blog is 'adapt2whatis.' Once this is mastered, the human mind is no longer dysfunctional. With the ego and it's identification with what is good and what is bad in check; the mind is free from stress and your true identity and potential may be recognized and reached.

More on this in the book What Is Really Good? and this blog.

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Walt said...

As a kid, my family moved every 3 years or so. I hated it then, but am thankful for it now. It helped me to accept my surroundings regardless. I never had a "home town" to rely on, so I made everywhere my home. Consciousness lives!

C. Om said...

Exactly! The constant moving made you into a pro at adapting. We don't always see the value in being flexible right away, but sooner or later we realize the benefit.

Thanks for the insight Walt
...Consciousness IS life!