Making Room For More

Loss. It is a hard pill to swallow. As stressful and painful as it can be, it is also a common occurrence for most people. The loss of a clean bill of health, the loss of a specific freedom, the loss of a loved one; the list is as long as there are things to be attached to. Going through life, we are bound to loose some attachment. After all, nothing lasts forever.

Looking at this forceful breaking of an attachment through the eyes of the ego's perspective is where all of the resistance comes from. Resistance to what is, is pain and stress.

Looking at the loss through the eyes of the objective Observer, we can experience this change with acceptance. We can adapt. We actually did not loose anything at all. We have merely dispelled the illusion that what was lost is a part of our true identity. Who we really are is the space and awareness that allows our minds to recognize a loss. We existed before the attachment was made and we will exist after it is gone.

Looking at situations of loss from an even wider and more cosmic view; since we can only have one total experience at a time, we are actually having a space opened in up our field of experience or perception. If we say that your field of experience consists of your entire sensory perception in a given moment, then loosing something actually creates more possibilities. The more space in your life, the more possible ways to fill it. When things get lost or eliminated, it really just makes space for more.

To illustrate; a person can't sleep in more than one bed at a time or live under more than one roof at a time. If a person looses their home to a circumstance or situation; a space has been opened in their lives for something even greater to come along. They must sleep somewhere. Who is to say that they will not acquire better living conditions from the situation? The point is the possibilities become available when that space opens up.

Accept any loss you may suffer from as an opportunity to make room for more.

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bometernally said...

"Making Room For More" is a term that can be applied to so many instances in our lives as you so eloquently wrote. Like making more room to breath deeply to expand our entire lung capacity and will affect not only our body positively, but the mind as well. It (breathing deeper) will release stress, and the thoughts that help to feed it. Stretching the body, like in yoga asanas, give it more room to expand and be flexible instead of being tight and rigid.

Clearing clutter in our immediate environment ie - apartment, car, closet, sink, relationships,etc. is a great way for making the room for more.

Great post. Blessings to you C.Om

C. Om said...

Thank you bometernally. You have added more depth to what I was saying and it rings so true!