The Best Things In Life Are Free

Most of us have heard this saying many times. Some of us agree with it and some do not. Let us take a good look at the validity of this saying.

Many people believe that the best things in life can be bought. If you have huge sums of money; you can, in fact, have anything you want in the material world. You can have the best things the material world has to offer. This brings up the question: Is the best that the material world has to offer the best that life has to offer?

Considering the fact that life is not a material thing, how can something material be the best it has to offer? To clarify; you, yourself are life. You do not have a life. You are not living a life. You are life! The true essence of your being, the consciousness that animates your body; it is life itself. It is who you truly are. Realizing that you are of spirit and not material; how can something material be the best you have to offer yourself?

To put it even more clearly; consider the fact that experience and not material is what dictates the nature of life. To illustrate: what would you rather do? Would you rather have the experience of having and doing what ever you like, when ever you like, with who ever you like and never actually own anything; or would you rather live a stress filled life knowing full well that you are among the wealthiest people in the world? The key word here is experience.

The best things in life are intangible. That is why they are free. The best thing in life is life. You can not reach out and touch experience. You can not buy experience. Money does not allow you be in high spirits all the time. Only your perspective can allow you this luxury. Your perspective is free. It is only a matter of choice.

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Walt said...

Case in point: Yesterday at work, a co-worker of mine was stressing all day long and was on the brink of a meltdown. Come to find out he was worried because he had just bought a Benz from a dealership out of state and was concerned that there would be issues with it's arrival here! I told him I'd be thinking of him, laughing, while I am on the train riding home traffic-free. A positive perspective is free!

C. Om said...

Absolutely! It is free and yet worth more than money. Perfect example.

Thanks for the insight Walt.