The Power of Light/Love

You can take a flashlight or a candle into total darkness and eliminate the darkness wherever you see fit. If you have mirrors, you can eliminate it everywhere.

Can you bring darkness into a room full of light? No. A little darkness can not exist surrounded by light.

In reality it's all love. It's all light. Love is the light. Fear is the darkness. Darkness is a lack of light. Fear is a lack of love.

In terms of how things have been explained in the majority of this blog and the teachings in my book; acceptance and adaptation of what is, is love and light. Resistance to what is, is fear and darkness. Don't let the words or specific terminology get in the way of the understanding that they are pointing to. Words can not express the true experience of the message.

This all goes to show how much more powerful light is than darkness. Love is more powerful than fear. Acceptance is more powerful than resistance. It feels really good to acknowledge this fact.

For more on these concepts, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!

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bometernally said...

Love your post. Short, to the point. It is so true about the Light eliminating the darkness.

If you look at my post for the same day (12/27/08), mine is on the yoga sutra I-36 that refers to concentrate on the ever blissful Light within. We are on similiar wave links.

Blessings & Light to you who is bright like the sun {:-)