"Make" Money

The term "make money" is very common place and widely used. Of course it refers to earning money and/or turning a profit. It does make perfect sense ( :-) makes cents too) when you really look at what money really is.

Money is really energy. How else could we make money? Money is an external representation of the power of our focus. Any time money is earned or a profit is turned from providing goods or services, it is a reciprocation of the energy put into manifesting the goods or services. The energy put into manifesting anything is purely the power of focus.

Taking a good look around you, no matter where you are, everything that you lay your eyes on that is not a creation of nature; everything man made; was a thought in someone's mind before it existed. It was simply the power of focus behind those thoughts that manifested them into the reality that we see before us.

Of course it is a given that most people have no access to a currency printing press; but we all have the power to "make" money.

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