It Is Unstoppable. Can't Stop - Won't Stop

Is it possible for the present moment to stop? Is it possible for what is referred to as 'right now' to not be in existence?

Even if the Earth stopped spinning and stopped its orbit; even if every single heavenly body in the cosmos ceased all movement; if every single sub atomic particle stopped in its tracks; the present moment would still be running. The tape would still be rolling, so to speak. If the universe ceased to exist, the now would still be the now.

It is truly a marvel when one considers the fact that no matter what could possibly ever happen; the present moment has always been, and will forever be going. In any possible situation out of a multitude of infinite possibilities, the present moment is the constant that must be included in each.

Since the present is such an unstoppable constant, the best thing to do is to use it to your advantage. Roll with it. Acknowledge how much power dwells with in the moment. When you can literally feel the present moment, you can feel your own presence. Feeling your own presence is feeling the present moment.

For more on getting in tune with the unstoppable nature of your self, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!

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