The Source of Greatness

People from all walks of life aspire to be great. People of all walks of life achieve greatness. Though greatness is perceived only in the eye of the beholder, most people have a perspective close enough to each other to agree on greatness when they see it. What is the source of greatness? Is there a formula that can be followed to achieve it all the time? Let's take a look.

The source of all greatness is intuition. Intuition is the ability to tap into the intelligence that has nothing to do with the mind. Intuition is also known as inspiration and imagination. The mind's job is to label, judge, and calculate a person's surroundings for survival purposes. It does not actually create anything. It takes past experiences and uses them to evaluate your current state of well being.

Intuition is the part of a person that operates beyond the parameters of the mind. This is the source of creativity, imagination, and precision vision. This is where innovation and art come from. To illustrate how greatness comes from a higher intelligence than the thoughts produced by the mind; imagine a superstar athlete. The spur of the moment improvisation that they may display in the middle of a game is pure intuition. No thoughts from their analytical mind were involved. They were simply in tune with the present moment and made incredible things happen with their intuitive nature. We often say that they were "in the zone." Being intuitive is definitively being in the zone.

To illustrate further; choose anyone of greatness in any field. From people that we think of as artistic; like musicians, dancers, actors, sculptors, painters, etc. to people we might think of less in this fashion, like lawyers, doctors, scientists, politicians, and so on; they all use intuition to create, and innovate giving them the status of great. They all tap into the same place of infinite possibilities when they are in tune with what is. A music composer is not using his mind when he comes up with a spectacular piece of music that will impress and inspire people for generations to come. It is pure intuition. A scientist who comes up with a theory that explains part of the nature of the universe is not using his mind to come to his conclusions. Once again it is intuition. This holds true for all people considered to be great, whether they are conscious of it or not.

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bometernally said...

Love the picture.

This reminds of yesterday when I went to do a class at a new place for the first time introducing yoga. I had a piece of paper with a few words to read from, however, I just read a few words. The flow was spontaneous giving people examples of what I was talking about. I had people up, off their chairs bending over and they just went with the flow. It was so spontaneous! No thoughts. It was a flow from "The Source of Greatness" of creativity, imagination - intuition!